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Nah he was perfect for the film, the guys a great actor when given the right material. He played the rock star who's lived a tough life and the excesses to a tee. Remember a lot of these washed up singers were/are good looking, look at Jim Morrison for example. I don't know for a while there she was one of the more stunning Hollywood Actresses, I say circa 2009 up to when she start cutting her hair and going for the real tomboyish look is when it went downhill. She's a pretty woman, but different strokes for different folks I guess. It hasn't nothing to do with Margot Robbie to be fair. Besides her Franchise work, Hunger Games would have been a success even if she wasn't in it same for X-Men. None of the non Franchise work which she is front and center have been hits, pretty damning considering she was Harvey Weinstein's last pet project and the way she was pushed early into her career. None of the film's she's been in have been awful, her work with David O. Russell is solid. I still stand by her Oscar win wasn't deserving but with Weinstein machine behind her and Hollywood loving to crown their IT Girls, she was always going to win. But her performance in Silver Lining Playbook is very good. I don't get why she got nommed for American Hustle, didn't think she was that great. Joy was the weakest of her O.Russell films. Serena, had the potential to be great, a well respected Oscar winning European Director Susanne Bier, two stars who had great chemistry in Silver Lining Playbooks and at the height of their fame. But it seemed Bier had problems with the studio and the film had massive problems from the start. I think Lawrence was miscast in this. Passengers is probably her most successful non franchise film grossing over 300 million at the box office. It's got it's fans and also it's haters. Mother! got made cause she was the main star and it was a brave move to do for her. Again the film has it's fan's and haters. Red Sparrow was another film probably to dark and bleak and if she wasn't in it wouldn't have got a wider release. Another brave move for her that didn't pay off. I think her best work is still Winter Bone, a performance she hasn't come close to topping. Maybe it's just me but she doesn't feel comfortable in the A Lister spot, I think she be far better suited in the indie or Oscar type films. Compared to TYMVB it's definitely more light hearted, it's still got a tinge of sadness to it with it's ending. What I love about John Duigan two films is how poetic they are, and he doesn't hide away from showing a darker side to coming of age genre. I agree with you I prefer Flirting too, I think cause I love Thandie Newton and Noah Taylor romance, plus Danny (Taylor) clearly has grown somewhat from the young lad in TYMVB and clearly has grown from his experiences in that film. Shame we didn't get a third film to finish of the trilogy. They can still do it but they have to recast the roles sadly. Shame as it would probably ended with Danny and Thandwie getting together. Plus the setting in Paris in 1968 would be so fitting. I have to disagree with you, I do think T2 doesn't get enough love as I do think it doesn't let down the side. But it was a tough task to top a film that was one of defining films in British cinema. I loved that Danny Boyle went for a different style and feel for the sequel and didn't go for the same feel of the first. I just don't think it flows as well as the first film and story isn't as gripping. The ending is just like the first one but at least Spud has a great ending. The film has plenty of highs especially Ewen Bremmer as Spud. Robert Carlyle as Begbie is given some light and shade besides been just a bastard, with his teenage son. McGregor and Lee Miller give two great performances. Would have been nice to have given Kelly McDonald and Shirley Henderson bigger roles. Anjela Nedyalkova gave a good performance. The soundtrack was probably not as era defining as the first one but it still had some great songs on there. Give it a few years and I think time will be kinder to this film. Both men have given me some of the best film's in my lifetime. And both are legends but it doesn't mean they don't deserve criticism when a turn out a not so great film. Scorsese hasn't really made a stone cold classic imo since Casino. A lot will disagree with that. I think Bringing Out The Dead and Silence are two of his most underrated works, especially Silence which is a fantastic film. The Departed and Wolf of Wall Street are his two best Di Caprio works. But Di Caprio is no prime Di Niro or Day Lewis for me. Hopefully The Irishman will be a return to god like greatness for him. Spielberg for me is a different story. His last few films for me have been very meh, Ready Player One, The Post and BFG. Wouldn't crack top 10 Spielberg. I really like Bridge of Spies, one of his more underrated works. Lincoln is worth it for Day Lewis performance alone. War Horse is fine. I love Adventures of Tin Tin, another one that doesn't get enough love. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, I won't say anymore lol. For me personally his best works from 00's have been Munich (his most gritty work) and Catch me if You Can, both those are classic Spielberg, throw in Minority Report, Bridge of Spies and Adventures of Tin Tin and A.I. He hasn't made a truly awful film but a lot of his work won't be remembered like his 90's, 80's and 70's work. Really one of Arnie's more underrated films, it's less action packed and more a police thriller mixed with buddy comedy. But it's directed by Walter Hill (who was at his very best in the late 70's and 80's) and with a top supporting cast of Peter Boyle, Gina Gershon, Laurence Fishbourne, Richard Bright and Brion James. Great Villain in Ed O'Ross and Arnie and Jim Belushi make a good double act. Lacks the OTT action of most Arnie 80's classic's and I can see why some don't like it, but it definitely make Arnie's top 10 list imo. The Great Silence The Vanishing Great call for The Year my Voice Broke, also it's follow up "Flirting" based on Noah Taylor's character Danny, also starring a young Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Thandie Newton who delivers one of her best performances in this film. I actually prefer Flirting to The Year My Voice Broke but only just. Both films have a downbeat feel to them but god the scripts are so poetic and cinematography is fantastic. A Nos Amours is fantastic. Diary of a Teenage Girl is really underrated. I think the film is fantastic, but it does rely on it's central performance and Keisha Castle-Hughes definitely knocks it out of the park. All the performances are great. It's saving grace is that it have gone down the route of been too sweet, but nope it's got a toughness that leads to Keisha's soft sweet performance. A shame she never really went on to bigger things, she did a part in one of the Star Wars prequel's and her biggest main role was probably The Nativity Story. She had a few rough years, she had a child when she was only 17, got into drugs and married pretty young. Also she found out she had bipolar disorder. But it seems she's fine now, and she's recently done Games of Thrones and Walking Dead. So hopefully she find a role as great as Whale Rider down the road. View all replies >