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Too get the best of Gondry you need to reign him in Did Emily really like/Love Brendan One of the most beautiful films I've seen Stunning film with a towering performance from Klaus Maria Brandauer Great Zombie film with one bleak ending Really well made American Indie that really packs a punch For about an hour I thought this was on for been Lynne Ramsey's Best Film very hit and miss director, but when he's great he delivers. Still Sofia Coppola's best work for me Liam Neeson (Spoilers) View all posts >


She was going to stay with Craig/Malkovich as she thought whoever is in the body of Malkovich will please her plus using Craig for all the fame and wealth as he was so loved up. Then over time soon finding out that it was Lottie not Malkovich she loved. I don't think she loved Craig at all and found him a loser and only stayed with him cause of her own greed. The only good people would be Malkovich and young child Emily, they are just vessels for greedy people to live on forever no matter the difference between Dr. Lester and Craig in terms of their personalities both are cruel to what they are doing to another living person. Lotte I'm on the fence with, she only did the same thing Craig was doing but found success with it, basically falling in love with Maxine. Craig and Lotte marriage seemed like a loveless one before Maxine came on the scene, so it was bound to happen. Maxine, changes for the better in the end knowing she messed up. But before that she was really a cruel person. Craig doesn't change and is the same guy he was in the beginning. Craig deserved everything he got. He was a married man who went out of his way to bed another woman (Maxine), used another human's vessel to bed said woman, happily screws over his wife cause she pretty much got the woman he wanted, is a wimpish selfish arrogant man. He was even at a point willing to let his pregnant wife die to stay in the body of Malkovich. Sure Maxine is flawed but at least by the end she redeemed herself and Craig deserved what he got. Looper is a good film, flawed like most of his work but a good sc-fi film. Brother's Bloom is underrated, with a starry cast and interesting plot seem to slip by without much fuss when it was released. Rian's a weird director, he's yet to direct a full on masterpiece and his films have been flawed but still worth a watch. I think she did by the time she was pregnant and soon figured out it wasn't about Malkovich like she thought it was but really about the person inside and it was Lottie who she loved. She only cared about Lottie in Malkovich but at the end she wanted Lottie without Malkovich. I think Maxine came off as a heartless person at the start but gradually you can see her change especially around Lottie. She likes Lottie cause she's not pretending to be anyone but herself. You can see when she decides to go off with Malkovich/Craig that she's in two minds. The truth is people can change with their mistakes and time, she finds out Malkovich isn't making her happy and that Lottie was the one she wanted. I think Maxine loves Lottie in the end. I think it was a successful film and it worked it's gimmick well, 40's noir set in High School. I think down to having a charismatic lead and well written hero, once you have that in place you can wing it with the rest. The film flows really well, besides the odd sluggish moment. Some of the cast don't feel comfortable with the dialogue but most aren't on screen long enough to really make too much damage. But overall I think it's Rian Johnson best film to date. I liked it way more then you did, I didn't find the whole Pin and Tugger stuff interesting, wasn't awful just didn't think it flowed as well. But I love the noirish dialogue, the performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fantastic and he's the main reason to watch this, loved the interaction between him and Matt O'Leary's The Brian. The downbeat undertone to the way the story flows and the way it's shot. Just love that our main character goes through all this for Emily, who clearly doesn't care a jot for him and their unborn baby. Brendan is a great noir anti-hero. Wasn't a big fan of Nora Zehtner as Laura, could have casted better for that role imo. But overall a very good low budget film 8/10 First time seen this gem of a film a few days ago, has left a mark with me. I'm really surprised at how great Andie MacDowell is, by far her greatest performance. I agree it's award worthy. The way she turns the tables on Spader and it shows that Spader is just like her and is damaged soul is fantastic and heartbreaking. Spader is so fucking good in this, he's only in it sparingly but when he's on screen he makes his mark and it's one of the best performances from 80's cinema. I never felt she really loved John and was only doing it to get back at her sister Ann, as she felt her sister always looked down on her and her old sister was always perfect. I think she ended it cause she also changed when she met Graham and just grew tired of John and her fun with him. She also cared for her sister in a way and even in the end you can see she loves her sister and wants a relationship with her, which might or might not happen but Ann gives her new number so offers a olive branch. What she did to her sister was scummy and I can why some might not like Cynthia. Seen pictures of her on her instagram and damn she's looking good to me. If that's aging poorly then let me age like that. She doesn't look that much different, she looks late 20's/early 30's to me. Such a shame about her as for a year or two back in the early 00's, she was on for big things. I know motherhood became her main focus, and if you listen to the commentary for The Rules of Attraction, I don't think acting or been famous was that big of a deal to her. I love that hipster look with the short hair she had, and she did some good work like A Knights Tale, The Rules of Attraction, Wristcutters and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (totally didn't know that was her in a short role). She's still working today but it's a case of someone who didn't strike while the iron was hot and end up doing a lot of B-Movies and TV work. You mean Sean, I think he probably did and Lauren for a time did before he slept with her roommate Lara, then the fake suicide joke basically ruined any chances of Lauren falling for him. Sean seems like sociopath to me and no way if a relationship started with Lauren would it have lasted, he probably would have got bored with her. View all replies >