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Such a shame this didn't a few Oscar nods At least I get the hype for this film then for Ladybird Fantastic war film from Sam Mendes but one thing... Guy Ritchie by the number's Geezer Gangster Film Is this film really award worthy Crazy none of the female led cast has gone to bigger things. He's had a weird career but overall didn't reach his potential as a movie director One of the those films that actually deserves it's high rating on IMDB I'm hoping for Becca... (Spoilers) Fantastic Netflix French Comedy/Drama well worth a binge (spoilers) View all posts >


Besides Twilight saga (that would have been a hit with or without her to be honest, a bit like Hunger Games with J.Law) what box office appeal did she have. Let's look at the Box office of her films during and after the Twilight saga Snow White and the Huntsman 396,592,829 million Still Alice 43.9 million Those two films you can call hits. But a lot of her films even the most commercial ones never made their money back. She never really had box office appeal. I always wonder about Brie, is she a case of fame just corrupting her, with a bit of power she think's she's untouchable and just turning her into a bit of bitch or was that always there in her even during her indie years, and that the only reason it wasn't shown up then cause no one was interested cause she had no power. I know most will say she's misunderstood or that we're all in the wrong. But she definitely has a chip on her shoulder (her dislike of men is worrying, and if a man was saying those things about women his career would be finished) and it's been well known that some of her co-star's have struggled with her attitude. My bet's, no I don't. Definitely think something happened between him and JLaw, unlike Brie every breakthrough she had or great role came through Harvey. I bet she got the Hunger Games role cause of Weinstein's influence. With Paltrow, I wouldn't be shocked if it didn't or did happen to be honest. Poor Brie, just ended up with her own head up her ass, and started taken herself far too seriously. Shame as she's a talented woman, but those feminist leanings and believing her own hype ruined her. I wish we got the pre Oscar and pre Marvel Larson back, but to be honest maybe she was always like that but no one was listening to her cause she hadn't any power in Hollywood. Although she was great in Short Term 12 and Room, you can't take that away from her. She hasn't had a great performance in quite a while though. As far as Pugh goes, she's already got the Hollywood boyfriend (Zach Braff, 20 years older then her) and got herself a role in a marvel film (Black Widow), and she's everywhere. As long as she takes risks like doing more films like Midsommar and Lady Macbeth, while doing their blockbusters and romantic comedies and doesn't go all leftist feminist and hate all men, she be fine. That's amazing, hopefully it gives some peace to the victim's families. In terms of the film, that ending still haunts me to this day and I think that's why the film still packs a punch. Parasite 10 - A True masterpiece. Memories of Murder 10- His best film before Parasite came along Mother 9 The Host 8.5 Snowpiercer 8 Okja 7 That's what I thought while watching it, it be such a David Fincher type film. Be a great choice. Casting: Start with the main family (I make some choices for each role I think be perfect) Ki Taek (father)- Brad Pitt, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson. Choong-Sook (Mother)- Laura Dern Ki Jung (sister)- Haley Lu Richardson (very good young actress) Ki-Wood (brother)- Nicholas Hoult (underrated actor) Yeon-Kyo (Wife)- Eva Green Park Dong-ik (Husband)- Jake Gyllenhaal you can hire two unknowns for the rich kids. Moon Gwang (housemaid)- Helena Bonham Carter or Olivia Coleman Guen Se (husband in the basement)- Willem Dafoe That's damn tough, Phoenix is one of those actors that's great in almost anything he's in. I do a top 5 of his truly get roles and some Underrated ones Top 5 Arthur Fleck- Joker Freddie Quell- The Master Johnny Cash- Walk The Line Joe- You Were Never Really There "Joaquin Phoenix"- I'm Still Here Underrated Leonard- Two Lovers (one of his best films, doesn't get the love it deserves) Theodore- Her (many will find it weird I have it on the underrated side, I don't think cause it isn't as intense as his other roles, it gets the love it deserves) Bruno Weiss- The Immigrant What I've heard, he's nice sweet eccentric guy and you never hear of any bad behavior on set, he seems nice to fan's and fellow talent. Besides having a bit of alcohol problem in his 20's and the whole fake sabotage act for his documentary, he's never really had any scandal besides been on the scene when his brother River died. He's just one of those actors, a bit like Daniel Day Lewis and Robert De Niro, who isn't comfortable talking about himself and isn't one of those actors that plays Halloween game to be liked. Nope, it wasn't received too well and didn't do great business in the box office. Although if you are interested they've turned it into a TV show with Esme Creed-Miles (daughter of Samantha Morton) as Hanna and Joel Kinnaman in the Eric Bana role. It seemed to have gotten decent reviews. View all replies >