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One of Murphy's best films Really good directorial debut film from Jonah Hill I loved the film but can see why some don't think much of it (Spoilers) Even if this was made with a American cast... Such a shame this didn't a few Oscar nods At least I get the hype for this film then for Ladybird Fantastic war film from Sam Mendes but one thing... Guy Ritchie by the number's Geezer Gangster Film Is this film really award worthy Crazy none of the female led cast has gone to bigger things. View all posts >


Under The Skin (1997)- I don't know if anyone has seen this early one from Morton, pretty brave performance, about a woman who becomes self destructive after the death of her mother. I don't think it's easy to come by (I think you can get it on Itunes) and it's not a easy watch. But it's a fantastic performance and shows why Morton ended up in such demand. Morvern Callar (2002)- Lynne Ramsey's second feature, and one of her most underrated films. Again not a film for everyone, but one of Morton's more interesting and underrated roles. Synecdoche, New York (2008) She definitely did try to be fair to be A-List star, stuff like Twilight stuff, American Ultra, Snow White and The Huntsman, Charlie Angels and Underwater shows you she definitely had a eye on that side of things for sure. I don't buy into that she never wanted to be a Hollywood mega star that some like to throw around. I can't rule out someone who's just only 30 that it's over for her as a A Lister, one big role in a blockbuster and she be back in A list. But right now she's definitely not a A Lister and has been since Twilight series came to a end. Olivia either seems to be happy doing her own thing or she didn't strike when she had a bit of attention from Juno. She was 21 so perfect time and age for a young actress. She got some great reviews for her performance in that film and that was like the indie hit of that year, everyone from that film went on to do good things after it. Looking at her C.V after Juno, the only things that got any traction where The Wackness (2008), No Strings Attached (2011), Being Flynn (2012), Dread (2012) and The Wedding Ringer (2015). And the only one of those where she had meaty enough role was in Dread. A lot of her other films have been small time indie work that barely anyone saw or big action films where she's in a supporting role. It's seems it's TV where she seems to have done the work that's probably most known to a big audience stuff like Bored To Death, Goliath and The L Word: Generation Q. The thing with Olivia, like many young actresses and actors who make a splash in a big hit indie film early in their careers. Some don't really go on and build on it not that they didn't try. Look at her C.V, she tried the big budget films but they flopped. Her indie films seem very niche and her roles in big commercial films were sadly all supporting. TV is where she seems to be doing well. Listen she's only 33, and you never know one big TV role or if she lands herself in another Juno like indie hit in the lead role and she could still be a star. Yep. Great film a bit like MMA's version of Rocky. Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte are great in it. The fight scenes are awesome. And it's got heart to it which makes it stand above a lot sport themed films and also the ending, if you ain't a little teary end the I don't know what will. He should be going down the Arnie route of bloody action films instead he's doing throwaway family friendly action and kid films. With Arnie you can name all his classic films. I can't name one role or film that's been out right classic from The Rock. His films make money but they are largely forgettable. High praise indeed spacecomedy, feels more like one of those western's that Sam Peckinpah would have made to me in the 1970's more then a John Ford film. Agreed one of the best modern western's I've seen, surprised it's rated only at 7.2 on IMDB. Legit for me it should be around a 8 for me. Scott Cooper's best film to date, with one of Christian Bale's more underrated performances. With Ben Foster almost stealing the film in a smaller role. To be fair all the cast is fantastic, not a dud in it. It's a very bleak film probably one of the reason's it probably got the 7.2 rating. It's only at the end where you get some sort of happy ending for Bale and Pike's characters. The opening scene with the massacre of Pike's character young family tells the audience that they aren't in for a easy ride. It's totally unforgiving film just like the west was probably. I always see the film as about forgiveness. Yeah, better then it's 6.5 rating on IMDB. I'd give it at least 7.2 or something. Brian Dennehy and Robert Loggia play great villains especially Dennehy. Twin Peaks James Marshall was a good hero and was convincing as a boxer. Cuba Gooding Jr did well with a underwritten role, expected him to feature more in this one. Cara Buono is easy on the eye. One moment took me out of the film, when Dennehy knocks Gooding Jr out of the ring. That was a little silly. But the fight scenes were fun and it went by with a nice pace and didn't overstay it's welcome. She had a decent role in Stranger Things as Wheeler's mom. She usual seems typecast in her younger years as the girlfriend roles and in later years in the Mom roles. I didn't even notice it was her cause she's a blonde now and in this film she was black/brown hair. Still looks great to this day. Bronson (still his greatest performance to date) Legend Locke He's a respected actor so i doubt he ever go away as he will always get great parts in films. As a Hollywood leading man, maybe his days are through. Doesn't suit him really, like his fellow Irishman Colin Farrell, both guys work better in edgier indie type films when they play agaisnt type. I think he be the type of actor who win awards and do great indie work but when it comes to Blockbusters he probably end up as the co-star rather then lead. View all replies >