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You definitely seen most of his good work to be honest, The Year My Voice Broke, Flirting, max, Shine and Submarine hold some of his greatest acting work. Secrets (also called One Crazy Might) from 1992, it's a bit like Robert Zemeckis's 1978 film I Want to Hold Your Hand. About a group of teenagers in 1964 trying to get a way to see the Beatles but end up locked up in the basement of the hotel they are staying at. A tough one to find but Taylor is great in it as die hard fan. Free Fire - Ben Wheatley's crime thriller set in one location, with a cast of pre Oscar Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Sam Riley and Cillian Murphy. Noah Taylor is in it. But the film is great. The New World The Proposition the Life aquatic with Steve Zissou Paddington 2 Edge of tomorrow Almost Famous Predestination Some of his roles in those films range from decent size roles to small to cameo. Bit all those films are great imo. Also check out the second season of Peaky Blinders as well, he's in that in decent role. Definitely agree it's criminally underrated, wouldn't say it's a masterpiece. Some of the acting isn't great but Frances O' Connor carries the film, and you have to admire the director/Writer and cast making a really good indie film on such a small budget. Also some balls at putting the central romance and main character as a Lesbian, even in 1996 that would have been some risk. You didn't really see that in cinema at the time. Some funny moments in there, and actresses who went on to have good careers in Hollywood in Connor and Radha Mitchell, even Matt Day has done well. It could be seen as Australia's version of Clerks really. A Gem more then a masterpiece. I remember seen this in early 00's on Irish TV on a Sunday morning at 3:00. Glad I stayed up to watch it lol. Such a shame that both Flirting and The Year My Voice Broke haven't been given proper DVD no matter Blu Ray releases. Release them together, throw a few extras on them and get stars like Noah Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Thandie Newton and Ben Mendelsohn do interviews. These films would fit perfectly in Criterion Collection imo. Poetic, well shot, well acted, not dumbed down Coming of Age films. One of the best coming of age films I've seen, check out the prequel to this called The Year My Voice Broke (1987), which is about Noah Taylor's character from Flirting (Danny Embling) in a small Australian town in the early 60's, it's a lot darker then Flirting and more downbeat, I prefer Flirting but many prefer TYMVB. Also you see a young Ben Mendelsohn in a early role. I Just love this film, in part's especially Danny's V/O moment's are so damn poetic and Thandie Newton delivers probably one of her greatest performances. The sadly underrated Noah Taylor is fantastic in this as he was in the prequel. The setting in a boarding school is great. Some of the camera work in this is fantastic, as is the score. Nicole Kidman in late Video and DVD releases is front and center but in reality she's a small supporting role but gives a very good performance. Also you see a early Naomi Watts performance. Such a shame we never got the third part, which was supposedly set in Paris 1968 and I think Newton's character was supposed to return in it. Such a shame these two films haven't been given proper releases in Europe, have to pay over the odds to ship TYMVB from Australia (where it was given a proper DVD release, with a ton of extras) and I've only seen a bare bone release of Flirting from MGM back in the mid 00's which goes for crazy money these days. A company like Criterion, Arrow or Masters of Cinema should be all over these two films and release them on DVD/Blu Ray and throw a few extras on them. They deserve a proper release. She's a talent that's for sure, just some of her choices are very meh at best. She was a little more picky her hit rate would be impressive. Also doesn't help that her greatest performance is still her breakthrough Mulholland Drive (2001) and nothing she's done has come close to it since imo. But she's got a lot of great to very good work on her C.V, Flirting (sure it's not a big role but this is a fantastic coming of age film), Strange Planet (1999), The Ring (one of the better J-horror remakes), 21 Grams (the closet she's come to topping her Mulholland Drive performance), The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Stay (a really underrated film), King Kong, Mother and Child, Eastern Promises, St. Vincent, Funny Games, The Impossible, Birdman The Glass Castle and Twin Peaks. Not too shabby really. Work that was more misfire then awful, Ned Kelly, We Don't Live Here Anymore, I Heart Huckabees, the international, You will meet a Tall Dark Stranger (One of Woody Allen's meh ones), Fair Game, J Edgar, Adore (I thought this was fine, a lot of people dislike it), While We're Young, Demolition, Chuck and Gypsy. To her truly bad work, Tank Girl, Ellie Parker, Undertaking Betty, The Divorce, The Ring Two, Dream House, Movie 43, Sunlight Jr, Insurgent films, The Sea of Trees, 3 Generations, Shut In, The Book of Henry and Diana. Some might not agree with that list, but that's how I view her films. A lot of bad and Misfire work seems to be popping up since 2009. She's no Cate Blanchett really, and I don't see a Oscar coming her way anytime soon. But she's a lot better then her C.V shows I think anyway, I think her best acting performances come from early 00's with Mulholland Drive and 21 Grams and nothing since has been up to those roles imo. The projects she did after Drag me to Hell, were either directed or produced by her husband. I'm guessing it was done out of a favor for him rather then her wanting to get back into acting. They were only tiny roles at best. She's now a Acting teacher and seems happy with her life as a mum and wife, so fair play to her. Hollywood is a strange place, they chew and spit out a lot of talent that are hyped up as the next big thing. I think with Alison, just a case of maybe her career not been the number 1 thing in her life, having a family before she really cemented herself and just been passed by newer up and coming talent really. She's not the first and she won't be the last for this to happen too. I just think she's happy to be a mum and do her own thing, and fair play to her. Seems like she's a acting teacher as of now in 2019, and her last roles were bit parts in Horror film called The Vatican Tapes in 2015, a thriller called Urge in 2016 and a film called Officer Downe in 2016. One was directed by her husband and the other produced by him. So it was probably just done as a favor to her husband more then her career faltering. She's 39 as of right now, she could get herself back into it maybe through a TV Show or a Indie film or two but I don't think she will. She hasn't chosen her roles really well for me, even her indie fare isn't the greatest. She looks far uncomfortable in the bigger budget work. Is she a case of been a one hit wonder maybe, working with Paul Thomas Anderson always brings the best out of anyone no matter how good a actor they are. The closet she came to impressing me was in Queen of Earth, I thought she was very good in that but she was massively overshadowed by a stunning performance by Elisabeth Moss. I don't think she's lived up to the hype of Inherent Vice performance, maybe she is underutilized but I just get the feeling she's not choosing the right roles for herself. Do The Right Thing, and it's not even close. It's probably the best film of the 80's and one of the greatest of all time. I say Malcolm X is a close second. 25th Hour, Jungle Fever, Crooklyn, Summer of Sam, Inside Man, Clockers and He Got Game are also great films. I'm going to fly the flag for Y Tu mama Tambien, that film deserves a lot more love. Great film, plus Maribel Verdu as one of most underrated beauties, damn she's smoking. Bernal and Luna have great chemistry together. But Children of Men is a classic. Still think Gravity is overrated, probably that's just me. View all replies >