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I'm hoping for Becca... (Spoilers) Fantastic Netflix French Comedy/Drama well worth a binge (spoilers) The Ending (Spoilers) Another Masterpiece from Shane Meadows (spoilers) Really sweet coming of age comedy drama Netflix series (spoilers) The Cop storyline took away from this show massively Rosie Leslie and Laura Haddock (spoilers) Well worth it for Idris Elba's performance alone 8.5 on IMDB and in top 250 TV shows ever. What makes it special TV Shows that fell apart once one or more of the cast leaves View all posts >


It's a fantastic film isn't it. Okay Hoffman isn't in it a great deal but it's such a bizarre and out there film it's amazing the film got made on it's budget. I think this film will probably split opinion in the comic book/Superhero fanbase, ones expecting a straight ahead supervillain comic film about The Joker will be disappointed. I think this will be more in the vein of 70's cinema, dark and downbeat about breakdown of a damaged man. Imagine a comic book film been directed by Scorsese or William Friedkin, I think that's what Joker will be. Anyone expecting CGI and action packed goings on like Marvel or DC films, might as well just get off. I think this be awesome and will hopefully lead to more interesting films in that genre. I'm sure Phoenix will knock it out of the park. She's not the first British acting talent, that probably sees been a bit part player in Hollywood films and TV been better for her career then been leads in British TV shows. She still works British TV, but mostly sticks to American work. If she probably stuck to TV shows in the UK, I think she would have been a bigger name and star but alas it's her career choice and she hasn't done bad, maybe typecast but I'm sure her bank balance looks better. Skyfall Casino Royale QOS Spectre Spectre is a good Bond film but it felt like it was playing too safe for me. QOS deserves far more love then it gets. CR and Skyfall are classic Bond films for me probably the two best ever imo. I love Layer Cake, it's the type of Gangster film Guy Ritchie should have moved onto afte rhis geezer type gangster films but Matthew Vaughan outdone him. The ending is still a gut punch. Daniel Craig is excellent as is Colm Meaney and George Harris. Weird to see Tom Hardy in such a small role considering he's one of the greatest actors of his generation and one of the biggest stars today. Also shows how great Sally Hawkins and Ben Whishaw playing agaisnt type. Also forget Sienna Miller has gone onto a good career too, I think this was the role that put her on the map. It's a shame that Craig has been bogged down with Bond (he's been a great Bond) and not able to do more roles like this. He's a great actor. Great film this, better then it's 7.3 on IMDB. It's pretty much hinted at without spelling it out to the audience that Christa and her older boyfriend are the ones that did it. She said she learned CPR but couldn't perform it when Ming (exchange Student from Canada) needed it at the last party. Plus she had the keys to the camera room to delete the footage. She led the "Free Dylan" protest which kind of meant she was feeling guilty of her actions and wanted to help him. You could tell when Peter interviews last she was clearly feeling the heat from his questioning. Plus not much they could do in the end, she had graduated. Rafferty (the coach) without them saying it had some kind of sexual relationship with Mackenzie (Dylan's GF) imo. Which makes it sexual abuse. Rafferty probably dumped her for her own mother, which also ruined her parents chances of getting back together. Mackenzie and Christa were probably friends as it was said that Mackenzie was top student and popular once. Christa was probably waiting for her chance to get her revenge on Rafferty and once he won Teacher of the year, it was the last straw for her. It's enjoyable, to be fair I've only watched the first season on Netflix. I don't quite get the massive hype for it, I thought the first three episodes were great and the last three were meh for me. The cast are excellent, surprised to see the real life ages of most of the cast especially the actress who plays Claire who's 32 in real life. Great soundtrack and a fun show. I probably give it a 7.8 out of 10 for it's first season. She's cute in a girl next door type of way, they kind of downplay her looks in The End of the Fucking World. The thing that shocked me that she's 27 as she looks only 18. I say Yes she's pretty. Kinda agree, it's not awful or bad. It's quite enjoyable and you could see the potential there and I can see why it's got so much hype. But it kind of lost me after the 3rd episode, when the two coppers and their storyline came into it. It took away from the two main characters and it would have probably been a classic series if it was just set around James and Alyssa ad their adventures. Even at 8 episodes it felt overlong, great soundtrack from Blur's Graham Coxon and great central acting Jessica Barden and the fantastic Alex Lawther. I give it a 7.5 for it's first season, fingers crossed the second season is better. It definitely is for me. I say Band of Brothers, The Wire, The Sopranos and Batman Animated Series would give it a run for it's money. True Detective Season 1 would be up there but the following season's were not as strong. I give the nod to Breaking Bad. Although the Wire and Band of Brothers are just nipping behind it. 1. Breaking Bad 2. The Wire 3. Band of Brothers 4. The Sopranoes 5. Batman Animated Series 6. Peaky Blinders 7. I'm Alan Partridge 8. Hannibal 9. This is England 86.88.90 10. Utopia Bubbling Under, Twin Peaks (it's later part of the second season let's it down), Black Mirror (it's peaks are high but it has few low points), Inside No 9 (a bit like Black Mirror, but it doesn't have as many weak episodes), Mindhunter, Generation Kill View all replies >