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Even if this was made with a American cast... Such a shame this didn't a few Oscar nods At least I get the hype for this film then for Ladybird Fantastic war film from Sam Mendes but one thing... Guy Ritchie by the number's Geezer Gangster Film Is this film really award worthy Crazy none of the female led cast has gone to bigger things. He's had a weird career but overall didn't reach his potential as a movie director One of the those films that actually deserves it's high rating on IMDB I'm hoping for Becca... (Spoilers) View all posts >


HBO TV show based on the film. I'm in 20 or 30 years time, they will remake it as a film. I agree, it seemed like Sam Mendes was winning it. But I love a good shock, and this was one. Deserved for me, I think it deserved all the awards it got. Listen even if this film was made with a American cast and they put in top performances like the Korean cast did, it still deserved the big two awards.The film is that awesome. Pretty strong Best Picture year and even then Parasite is still by the far the best film in that group. Still young and as long as she choses the Oscar baity roles she pick one up, didn't deserve it for this film imo. She seemed fine. Definitely in the top tier for me. Film is probably my favorite Oscar winner since No Country For Old Men. From the list that you said that it isn't better then, I think it's way better then American Beauty, Birdman, Ben Hur, Braveheart, Departed, Forrest Gump, Gone with the wind, Midnight cowboy. Just my opinion. Very preachy speech and Renee's one wasn't far behind for rambling, after the fun speeches from Bong Joon Ho. They are his beliefs and good on him but how many times does he need to say eating meat is bad. Another one of those great actors you can tick off the list that has now won a Oscar. Deserving, wasn't a massive fan of the speech but they are his beliefs. Great performance. still don't get the hype for The Farewell, it's solid indie film but I think Uncut Gems should have won best feature. Even then The Lighthouse should have won but wasn't nominated. Nothing else I would complain about on that list. I think the whole SJW thing is turning people off, even women from going to these female lead movies. You have these people from Hollywood who live on cloud 9 insult male audience and telling them it's a women's film not bloody knowing that the biggest audience for these superhero films are men. I think man hater Brie Larson didn't ruin Captain Marvel's box office cause it's Marvel and they can churn out any old crap now and the fanboys will go and see it. But it be interesting to see how the sequel to that film will do seen as even Marvel fanboys can't stand Larson. It's not a great film but it isn't bad, it's a solid superhero film. I like Margot Robbie, she's got a presence to her but this should have been made a year or so earlier. I think it's just one of those films that probably be a cult superhero film rather then a blockbuster franchise that Warner Brothers was expecting. No I think her career is where I expected it to be. Leading lady in Indie films and mid table Hollywood genre films like The Thing remake and 10 Cloverfield Lane, typecast in girlfriend/wife roles. She's probably known for Scott Pilgrim if at all, and her turn in Fargo season 3. Unless she steals the show in Birds of Prey and that proves to be commercial and critical success, I just don't see that career path changing too much. I do think that whole McGregor affair thing did her no favors either, and I'm sure it effected her career as well. View all replies >