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Didn't they do that woman plays a man thing before with Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan, and it was the best thing in the film I'm Not There. She pulled of playing a drugged up Dylan in 66 to perfection. Elton John story for a good part of his life would make a great film, although I don't think they be doing a straight ahead biopic with this Rocketman film. He was the biggest solo star in music in the 70's, hid away his sexuality for years and had a bad drug problem for most of the 70's and 80's. As a actress she's very good, and don't think many would dispute that. Not everything she does is great but when she's good she's very good. But she definitely comes off like a very self important and I could imagine she's not the easiest to be around if you are a actor. She seems the type to get upset over anything. That critic thing just mad her come off like a bit of a dick. The Fly (his best performance to date imo) The Big Chill The Invasion of the Body Snatchers Into The Night Igby goes down (one of his most underrated performances and films imo) Silverado The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Annie Hall Deep Cover Nashville The Right Stuff Jurassic Park Goldbulm was probably in three of the best films from 80's and 3 of the best from the 70's too. Nah, the only Marvel filmd for me that come close for me is probably Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity War or Winter Solider. Endgame is definitely not a 9 for me, I liked it a lot although not quite as much as Infinity War. I go a 8.2 or there about. Definitely nowhere near The Dark Knight. Pretty much nail on the head, all they needed was the Eurythmics "Sisters are doin' it for Themselves" to be playing on the soundtrack to hit the point home. The only moment I cringed throughout the whole film, could imagine Brie Larson hands been all over that scene. Made me feel more for Bok-nam more then anything. For me, Hae-Won was unredeemable at that point for me, horrible selfish character. I think they were trying to redeem her with shopping the gangster to the cops but it didn't work for me, I can understand why the director and writer did it but she did far too many scummy things by that point and she killed off Bok-Nam that I just couldn't like her. I think that was the point they were trying to make that it slams home to Hae-Won that she's forever going to be haunted for her actions and not helping her "Friend". Rightly so, she should suffer for what she did and didn't do. It's all about helping people when they are in need and she didn't help the person who cared about her the most. Top 10 of the best films made in the 80's imo, just amazing that Schrader even got this project made to be honest. I love that mixes Mishima real life with his work's too and flows so perfectly. Bailey's Photography suits the film to the ground, and the set design is just stunning. Also it has one of the greatest and most beautiful soundtracks ever done by Philip Glass. Got the Criterion Collection release of this and it's still as stunning ever. I think it's Schrader's greatest film. I think many will know him from Wes Anderson works, thought he was very good as the father in Rushmore. It was a big role but he left a mark as a loving father who just goes with the flow with his son. But for me I would recommend Minnie & Moskowitz (1971) Faces (1968) In The Soup (1992) (a massively underrated film) Lonesome Jim (2005) Love Streams (1984) Tree Lounge (1996) Basically anything in which he worked with John Cassavettes, Steve Buscemi and Wes Anderson and you get his best stuff. R.I.P. His greatest performance, it's the role that put him on the map for sure. You should check it out, be warned it's a pretty brutal film about Nazi Skinheads in Australia. Romper Stomper (still his greatest performance imo) L.A Confidential Master and Commander View all replies >