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What would've happened if the robbers did this instead?

If Sonny drove the limo himself, refused to tell the police where they were going, and told the police not to follow them. Also, if Sal had hostages sitting behind him as well, making it impossible for the police to get a clean shot. How could the police have stopped them, without getting any hostages killed?

Also, what if in the middle of the robbery, while Sonny was outside, he suddenly decided he wanted to surrender, while Sal was still in the bank, and didn't want to surrender? What would the police have done? Arresting him would've likely gotten the hostages killed, but they couldn't force him to go back in the bank.

Don't worry, I'm just curious, I'm not planning a bank robbery.


It would be out if the question for the police/FBI to give Sonny a vehicle of any kind today. We live in a much more sue happy society now and the potential for harm done to people blocks away would be too great. Best to contain the situation and evacuate innocents best you can.

As far as Sal surrendering, the police would take it in a heartbeat.


I meant if Sonny surrendered, while Sal was still in the bank.