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Trump broke into someone's house, and then raped and then ate a baby chihuahua alive. He did absolutely nothing wrong. Democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, left wingers, right wingers, Trump supporters, Trump opposers... I don't think Flanders was flanderized Because of this movie, nobody can unironically say "I'll have what she's having" Does The Simpsons have any science fiction or fantasy elements that are canon? Do you think this would've been a good ending? This movie would've worked great as a dark comedy. So under what circumstances is it OK to show LGBT characters? How do Australians usually watch movies? View all posts >


I assume you have no problem with the many kid's movies that show heterosexuality. Why is homosexuality worse? I meant if Sonny surrendered, while Sal was still in the bank. Interesting responses, thanks. Are there any retcons? That would be completely unforgivable in my opinion. Does this movie change any of the events of the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield movies, the way Days of Future Past changed the events of the previous X-Men movies? OK, thanks. Thank you very much. I think there's no scenario in which you can be arrested for rape if the victim doesn't press charges. What Al did was definitely self defence. He was still handcuffed to the bed. If he let Cassie go before she died, she would've easily been able to kill him. You can't get arrested for rape unless the victim presses charges, and Nina obviously couldn't have, because she was dead. OK, thanks. I'm pretty sure I remember watching it without the Jive subtitles. Yes, I do. View all replies >