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Hancock is technically a rapist "What I've done is gonna be puzzled over, and studied, and followed, forever." After the final performance, there must've been the longest and most awkward silence between Neiman and Fletcher. If I was Andy, I would've dumped Trish when she thought she was talking to a telemarketer Norrington letting Jack escape at the end was ridiculous Paul being angry with Meryl for sleeping with someone while they were divorced was ridiculous I feel so sorry for Lois in the episode Traffic Ticket There's one thing he has in common with Leonardo DiCaprio There's one thing he has in common with Al Pacino Did Kyle have some sort of mental issues? View all posts >


But they were about to, before they ate the duck instead. It's in the actual movie in both versions. He had oral sex at 2:35 in this video: That would make sense if he didn't even suspect his son. But he did, yet he instantly believed him when he denied it. Interesting, so could they die of old age, or anything that could kill a human? Because if you just mute it, when you unmute it, the volume will be the same was it was before you muted it. He did kill one cop, and wounded several others. They forgave him for everything he did in the first movie. I mean at the start of the movie, he helped the police. If the neighbours told the truth, they would've walked. It's unlikely they'll risk going to prison by lying under oath, but I guess it's possible. But there would be physical evidence that he reached for his lighter. And the defence lawyer would say "why would Walt just let them kill him for no reason?" There would be too much reasonable doubt. View all replies >