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Murray did absolutely nothing wrong I think they managed to sneak in a close-up of unstimulated sexual penetration This movie stole a joke from European Vacation The police would never tell a citizen to speed Always keep your computer mute Do Americans behave like retards in movie theatres? Do Americans behave like retards in movie theatres? Fan theory . . View all posts >


Because if you just mute it, when you unmute it, the volume will be the same was it was before you muted it. He did kill one cop, and wounded several others. They forgave him for everything he did in the first movie. I mean at the start of the movie, he helped the police. If the neighbours told the truth, they would've walked. It's unlikely they'll risk going to prison by lying under oath, but I guess it's possible. But there would be physical evidence that he reached for his lighter. And the defence lawyer would say "why would Walt just let them kill him for no reason?" There would be too much reasonable doubt. Wow, thank you very much. Everyone else had said it's awful, I was beginning to lose confidence. I'm not trying to sound Southern though, I'm trying to sound General American. But Kevin had no real evidence that Gettys lied to him. I know he rubbed the table, which probably does mean he's guilty, but it also could just mean he's a sicko who enjoyed the girl's story. It's definitely not enough to ditch your client. If what he did was right, he wouldn't have been disbarred. Care to elaborate? I'm Australian. Yep, I got it now, thanks for the help. Also, I am Australian. View all replies >