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How is this movie certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes when it has below 70% Dorothy tried to leave in the hot air balloon without saying goodbye How much does Stewie know about sex? My main problem with the movie All the Bonnie hate is ridiculous In real life, Rogers would be incredibly homophobic This would've worked great as a horror movie At the end, Kale should've sent his teacher an email saying "What would your cousin think?" Misleading plot summaries Sean should've met another woman at the end View all posts >


If the neighbours told the truth, they would've walked. It's unlikely they'll risk going to prison by lying under oath, but I guess it's possible. But there would be physical evidence that he reached for his lighter. And the defence lawyer would say "why would Walt just let them kill him for no reason?" There would be too much reasonable doubt. Wow, thank you very much. Everyone else had said it's awful, I was beginning to lose confidence. I'm not trying to sound Southern though, I'm trying to sound General American. But Kevin had no real evidence that Gettys lied to him. I know he rubbed the table, which probably does mean he's guilty, but it also could just mean he's a sicko who enjoyed the girl's story. It's definitely not enough to ditch your client. If what he did was right, he wouldn't have been disbarred. Care to elaborate? I'm Australian. Yep, I got it now, thanks for the help. Also, I am Australian. Cool, I got it now, thanks. Well I copied and pasted that in my original post, and it still doesn't click. I don't think you can have direct links in the original post. But thanks for posting it here. If I did it right, it doesn't work. Could you please to it? Highlight it, right click it, then click "open link". View all replies >