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Low-budget, melodramatic witch flick shot in Dallas in 1969

“Mark of the Witch” is a low-budget horror flick that’s rather generic, but also effective in several ways. The overt satanic rituals were nothing new at the time as they were featured in earlier slicker films like “Masque of the Red Death” (1964) and “Devils of Darkness” (1965). While the movie was shot in 1969, the protagonists aren’t hippies, but rather groovy-but-agreeable college students & their hip professor (Robert Elston).

The actress who plays the witch at the beginning of the film lays it on too thick and is exasperating. But the actress who plays Jill (Anitra Walsh) is impressive for a no-name. Actually winsome Anitra is one of the main reasons this movie is worth catching. She looks great in her blue mini-dress, etc. Unfortunately she died prematurely in 1980 at the age of 32.

The tame special effects are surprisingly proficient and the music is effectively creepy. Regrettably, the final act needed more oomph. But “Mark of the Witch” is a must to observe college culture in 1969 (styles, décor, vehicles, social customs, etc.).

The film is short & sweet at 1 hour and 24 minutes and was shot in the Dallas area, including Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.


Thanks for the review man. I’ll check it out for sure. 👍


Found it on YouTube. It's only 76 minutes there, though. Wonder if they cut something out.

You weren't kidding about the actress playing the witch in the opening laying it on thick. Those facial expressions!


I watched the Amazon Prime version, which was 1 hour, 18 minutes whereas the runtime I cite in my post is from IMDb (I figured maybe the Amazon version was sped-up). This shorter version overtly features possessed Jill (Anitra) topless, so I can't imagine what they would cut.