Danny and Shirley

Got to use their real first names but not Keith or Laurie.


I don't know, it was strange to me, it's a mystery to me, but part of a longstanding tradition:
Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor
George O'Hanlon as George Jetson

Of course, one of the oldest long running TV shows had Ozzie Nelson and HIS family portraying THEMSELVES, just like on radio in the 1940s!

Though if Suzanne Crough and Susan Dey did, it MIGHT be a bit confusing, or at least cause people who like pointing out "Hey, Susan is the short main form of Suzanne",etc.,etc., to joke about the near coincidence .

Oh, and: Fifteen, the 80s Canadian import to Nick, which gave us [among others] Ryan Reynolds, the teen actors ALL get to use THEIR first names...

PROFILE PIC:Courtney Thorne-Smith.


It would be funny if every one used their real name, given the similiar Suzanne nd Susan. (wonder if I can edit out the profile pic reference since it was on the old IMDB ha ha().