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What did y'all think of..(SPOILERS) Very cute in SAVING MR.BANKS BEst regular--or..not listed in above cast Very funny and good! Lauren Graham's character name I saw it and found the experience the best in ages.. Never mind the dissers seen below, she's superb Related to thew great Muhammed Ali? :) (Just curious.) ANyone wanna comment on Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb's leniency? Everyone forgot Steve Hillenburg's death View all posts >


He sounded like Frank Fontaine (the lion in a few Huckleberry Hound, Pete Puma who was Bugs Bunny's friendly enemy..not Fontaine., akla Crazy from jackie Gleason, b ut dame voice. MANY characters\ sounded like that, even as late as 1991, Ren of Nickleodeon's REN AND STIMPY would, in his famed orgasmic screams do that EEEE, thoguh Spaky didn.to09 I KNEW someone, or you, was gonna say that! I knew someone would, it was just what I was thinking..not even based on any of that book's author John Green's books. (There's also, from other authors, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING and MY SISTER'S KEEPER, and at least MSK as a film was BIG! (I've seen all three.) It's memorable. Ok, correct then, he and Ray himself from the recordings. Yes. Pretty good, huh? :) (I'm watching it now on Amazon Streaming. Just got it two days ago.) Well, she's all-time best buds/co-stars with famous conservative Candace Cameron. That we and our dogs know is true.(Both very pretty and great entertainers---incidentally, ever seen Robin Williams and John Travolta's 2009 OLD DOGS, where Lori was a co -star? Just remembered, funny thing she was IN prison in that film in character..) Good idea! COnversely--I am white and I'm watching it now. Agree there.,.! Even worse was what started the so-1990s silver age,..TINY TOON ADVENTURES>.too brash and wild and more.Give me thje old ones.Anbd I hate the Billy Weest (the back stabber who helped Nick. ruin REN AND STIMPY, leaivng John Krifcalusi, who tried to save animation, though Kricfalusi been right up there with SJ soundtrack singer R.Kelly recently for child flirting/diddlng).became Bugs. Lola? what happened to Daisy Lou (1947's HARE SP{LITTER) or Honey bUnny (no animation appearnaces.) View all replies >