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Now forever Elliott Page tRADEMARK:Distinctive husky voice WHat would really make this good..:D No BullS&&t! "ROCK AND ROLL PART TWO"(1972) Laura Prepon sounds like.. Entire Year later.. Happy Birthday, Carrie Underwood-37! Looks good..Part English and Part Spanish.. Looks good..Part English and Part Spanish.. View all posts >


Same hre..! And will die anyway. No need for a death sentence, though, dying naturally would be an EASY way out..:) I forgot all about that (listened to her She and Him albums a few nights ago, on my vacation in Palm Desert, am a HUGE fan of hers). I did. and I am not.,(Though she DID have a rather guy like voice, like mine..) I remember a similiar MOVIE to this in the 1990s/ Agreed...! RIP toan actress with a long and varied career! Pun. (HOpe) AGree, maybe a sort of Warner Bros.ort Hanna Barbera Flintstones cartoon thing.. Ever see Warner' s 1948 Merrie Melodie BEE DEVILED BRUIN with the 3 Bears, Chuck Jones took a identical approach at the end (TDC seems to be Disney copying WB() Erly 60s (Hayley Mills made that a THING in THE Parent trap, and by the 70s she no longer worked at DIsney) View all replies >