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Laura Prepon sounds like.. Entire Year later.. Happy Birthday, Carrie Underwood-37! Looks good..Part English and Part Spanish.. Looks good..Part English and Part Spanish.. ONE of the ducks screwed up and became a nationally infamous LIAR! Who would star in a remake? Forgot all the trolls here,she's swell Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Banks! THe Comic's been around since 1945 in ARCHIE and 1949 by itself! View all posts >


They did one on 70s (watching on Netflix), and 80s, howabout That 60s show (they missed a good oppurtnity in the 0s for it..) or THAT FIFTIES SHOW! The above is a mini-bio on the great, late, Country singer and husband of TammyW ynette GEORGE JONES! Where'd you get HIM in all this.. LOng way from WW-2 cartoon Hollywood and Bugs Bunny Nips the NIPS or Popeye's Scrap the JAPS, sadly.. I saw the same thing. I agree.. 4 or 5 times! Similiar to what you a star, (not just in this film that she trying to go see), she could get in free? And a lot of the Hollywood activists (like a certain Hanoi Jane0 were born in 1937, a sort of silent generaiton, so the hippies and oomers included those born aorund that time.. :-). Wa s even surprised to see green car (read, envrio, Greta THunberg-approved car driver!) Leo in a 1969 world, with the old GMC FIshbowls(and maybe a few of Flxible's Fishbowl wannabes) and others diesel-powered ad gas powered, no rap music or anything...Agreed on the glory in the old Holklywood being just seeing Actors were NOT actng, that they WERE those characters.. View all replies >