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Felix the Cat versus Mary Poppins Music courtesy of.. Do you tihnk Bill will get to go to resturants..? Will booze and tobacco be mentioned as gateway drugs? Hope anti-tobacco and alti-alcohol flicks are on the way from the same folks Liked it The only saving grace that the 20th. Century-Fox versions had in common with this About Mel Blanc on the show, and the FRIENDLY PHYSICIAN, season 2, episode 29, the only time that they're off the island Happy Birthday HW! Happy Birthday,m Crazy! View all posts >


Yes, they are, even with some of the theme, not as a drunk nightmare but with soap bubbles (like LAwrence Welk on acid) i saw it in a theatre with kids, depended on which one watched it..the version that I prefer, and maybe yours, would be the original. (Pink elephants and crows aside..) The biggest, the only top 10 one, I think, 70/71 That's the version lots of us know..I have a UA Silver SPotlight series reissue of the NGBT version, full with Uncle Charlie, dog Teddy.. Onb cheerleaderrs...Universal's BRING IT ON finsihed release was full of hot scenes with cheerleaders as doen by Beacon Productions (the guys of FAMILY MAN fame) until they agreed to a change from a R to a PG rating.) AGreed..I love happy endings.. How about Liberals..many ruined buses with those shit boxed on top of big boxed they call transit buses now..look like lego SPEED and seer the 1960s buses (though Speed's set in its 1990s present) and see what SHOULD be used for buses. THe Liberals ruined thiungs Boy, when I saw the notifications on ne wmessages, two, one for two threads on this page, I didn't expect it to be THREE comments actually, in the last twelve hours (at the time I saw those yesterdays) I saw it in a huge packed theatre,too..enjoy it, great un like any other of the studio's films, the first PETS included. THe McCains, among many GOP-ers who feuded with Trump (but erhaps understnbly due to his downgrading Sen.McCsain, RIP almsot a year as of August), endorsed Biden..I'm a big follower of the MccAIns.. View all replies >