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gcarras (2001)


Sounds interesting Confused with Canadian actress Miriam McDonald's character of the same name In WHERE'D YOU GO BERNADETTE.. Woof! Don't confuse this for the Garry Marshall swansong of 2016 Not to be confused with Garry Marshall's later, final, flick.. The final Garry Marshall (1934-2016) film They deleted the important scene showing how Switchblade Sam got into Mr.Wilson's House! What kinda flicks do you think the offenders love? bitch View all posts >


I've enjoyed it, the four times I saw time I was in the theatre watching it, third time, and near the end the PROJECTOR LOST TE VISUALS!! WE all got a free ticked as consolation and next day I used it to see the movie again! I noticed it too, the same alliteration..most likely either Sandler himself or a producer thought of it!! I read part of the book on Kindle sample and enjoyed it. Saw the movie. Both very good. Teenage daughter narrated both. Dakota Fanning as Leslie Fromme? (too hot! and WRONG HAIR COLOR, DAKOTA! Coulda dyed your hair red, and put freckles..still good job) :) The stars are, uh, minors..! (Not Molly Gordon or the others..though she PLAYS one!~) LARS AND THE REAL GIRL,anyone? I went to it and there were SCORES of folks, and we ALL laughed! Interesting, so London (ONTARIO!:)< Canada has British immigrants?(Canada's British Columbia does0 And when I was a 60s kid, it was their first jingle that existed: "Oh..McDonald's is your kinda place/ Fries and a hap-hap=hapy face/ and some vanila milk milk milk milkshaes; Oh,m Mcdonalds is your kind aplace, mc donalds is your place": (tune of DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE) View all replies >