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Birthday a day after mine.. Related to Walt! Any US TV showings? Sounds interesting Confused with Canadian actress Miriam McDonald's character of the same name In WHERE'D YOU GO BERNADETTE.. Woof! Don't confuse this for the Garry Marshall swansong of 2016 Not to be confused with Garry Marshall's later, final, flick.. The final Garry Marshall (1934-2016) film View all posts >


Mr.Rogers was Superior, and Fred Rogers didn't have any scandal.:-) Smoking hot. RIP. His grandfather(?) was Jose Ferrer (CYRANO!). Ironic,given Bill Cosby's morralizing. The date-rape drug. I thought Bugs Bunny was a greatr cartoon. Flintstones, Beany and Cecil, Felix the Cat (inconic 50w-6s verisons). And I know I am STILL right. Fat Albert was Mr.Rogers sucked like Barney the Dinosaur and for the same reaosns. Ironically the late Peggy Charren p.C.-politgcally correct, (BIH-Burn in HELL,C--t) liked all ovem* *personal shorthand for all of them.:-) His autobiography admits, though, that he loved to F---K his sister!(Susan Dey, not his real one.!) I think he loves it, so what was he so afaid off. :) True! UPDATED - as of 10/11/19 (same day, Friday), 8:58 p.m., Pacific Time. And I saw the movie today since postin' this, very good, but (as someone noted), totally different from HER's Sammantha-nasty where Sam was sweet, still very funny and both Sammantha and Jexi (neat name! didn't think of it before!) helped the hero in the end! You can watch it over again on TV (streamingn included), YouTube or on video, y'know.(AMazon, iTunes.. :) No. View all replies >