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Some more non-existent Beatles stuff not included Betty: Marilyn Monroe vs Betty Grable Jodie Similar film Snake Island Similiar movie Somewhat repetitive score.. They MAY BE FROZEN.. When on video? Happy 63rd! View all posts >


Nice irony. LOL! I agree. Zooey Deschanel would be the only other girl to fit that spot, especially the rocking out (seen "Yes Man" or "500 Days of Summer"?) Pepsi is much, MUCH inferior to Coke. :-) AREN'T they stoned, in the FIRST place? I mean, what were they on? Absinthe? 'Shrooms? Heorin? Cocain? L.S.D.? (Yuk. Yeha, I know what you REALLY referred to, by "stoned..") The artcile writer quoted someone who was gsay, nd I am a straight male who respects it. I wondered the same thing. TPOday I first saw the movie, enjoyed it very much.. JoJo, ScarJo, and also RebWil.:) :) You have a wodnerful idea there! I've seen the original WSS many came out in 1961 when I was a toddler.. View all replies >