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Very funny and good! Lauren Graham's character name I saw it and found the experience the best in ages.. Never mind the dissers seen below, she's superb Related to thew great Muhammed Ali? :) (Just curious.) ANyone wanna comment on Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb's leniency? Everyone forgot Steve Hillenburg's death Moidered on me birthday! Moidered on me birthday! Moidered on me birthday! View all posts >


LOL! And so far, the LAST (yeah, in 2010 both TOY STORY and SEN AND THE CITY were said to end THEIRS then with a trilogy, and their third installments came around th same time.) I saw thiis..the 19 year length would be very true to life since 2000 was when the first, UNBREAKABLE was released (only understandable even more and makes sense totally if the filming, 1998-2000, would be taken into consideraiton..this year just started and the first of those came out Sept.2000.) I just saw kit and it was very good! I often can (haven't played in a while, though I have one)..I've cheated by switching the "color markers" ha ha. More modern setting/. Yeah..check out: Email Alexa Google email shower that talks & automatically turns on cellphones,well,they were around sometimes b y later, like, try kid to late 1990s.93 :) And they're BOTH based on true stories, though GREEN BOOK (besides being somewhat older*), is based on a MUCH earlier story, set in 1962 or something. THE UPSIDE is a more modern setting, 1993, with early cellphones in one scene..(CLUELESS, released a few years later, really popularized cellphones). *Though confusingly, THE UPSIDE was already released a year of so by Weinstein, then the #MeToo - Weinstein scandal broke out. Haven't noticed if credits, and thus copyright were put there as well so it'd read "MMXVII" instead of "MMXCIX". :)! Yeah, and Disney did several, including the 1963 original, Saw it, a first time viewer, the happy ending is REALLY magical../ but then, all dogs are. Ha, and then I remember Leslie Mann in BIG DADDY. Oh, and ALSO: CABLE GUY. No, WAIT: Jim Carrey and NOT Adam Sander's in that with Leslie Mann Or if even he isn't an idiot, his voters don't wanna see this board as it draws flame wars (I voted, but he seems to wind up ,being a an idiot in my minds). View all replies >