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ANother similiar show: WENTWORTH Born exactly a year after me! Married to Ann Coulter since the insurrection! Henchcats Weird..Lori Loughlin as a prisoner.. Fun show!! VERY HIGHLY Recommended! She's a genius! Patty Duke as Thumbelina in 1966 Oliver Reed in a film with his name?:) View all posts >


I also enjoy earlier 20th century slang,too.:cool: Boring isn't reall the word, but slanderous of ALL cops.. Glad to see a good comment with no rant :)..yes, TPSS had some intergrated actors, and very guy even stopped Phil on the streets in his home city, NYC, trying to rob him...only to discover that it was Phil, then apologizing, saying, "you're okay"(Source: Per "TV'S BIGGEST HITS", 1980,1984. Rick Mitz) Relax..nufsaid16 has made some posts that I've read, he is just a NPC (meme sense of the acronym), SJW, soyboy,... Sorry..but it's what I've read from very credible sources.. The WHOLE extreme Democrat party has got to be sued. :D! I'm with Ron, half way across the country frome me. Let's go, Ron! In her later years her blonde pigtails make her a dead knock-off for the young Patty McCormack. Derig THIS film's time and till only around 20 yrs., there really WAS a LICORICE PIZZA, a music,cd, Hope that I was of some help! View all replies >