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Jared Kushner for seeing the writing on the wall before Trump's term was over. He sure does...and he pled the 5th which he criticized others for doing. "The mob pleads the 5th, if you plead the 5th what are you hiding?" Since her passing I've been checking out her back catalog of songs and uncovered gems I never heard before from her early records. Great covers of Bread's song "If" the Beach Boy's "God only Knows" and John Denver's "Country Roads". A song called "Winterwood" from her second album and "Loving You Ain't Easy". Others I hadn't heard in years like the song you mentioned, Please Mr Please, If Not for You, Let Me Be There, Come On Over, Don't Stop Believin & Sam. I added all those songs to my playlist in the last 2 days. People got tired of his neverending Twitter rants and his growing autocracy against democracy. Then covering that up with lies and deception. That is why 81 million alarmed people went to the polls to get Biden into the white house asap to preserve democracy and surprise! Trump staged a coup on January 6th to preserve his power. That is what a third world dictator does. It would go against Trump's lifestyle if he was truly Christian. You cannot follow God if you simultaneously follow money, women and material possessions. He is a Cino. He forgave sins the moment you repented them. Nip! Hunt! That's what I think of commando. We should just agree to disagree. I just watched it and it is one of the few Arnold action movies that holds up over the decades. I still get that kick I got from the first viewing👍 View all replies >