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I just watched it today Good movie👍 His best DTV movies? What is she doing? No Kari Michaelsen? Today is Saturday the 14th Billy Crystal resemblance.. Pretty good... I'm watching this right now.. Good sequel 👌 View all posts >


Those were Romanians acting like Russians. Seagal with the bad attitude cursing his allies on the police force.This movie was terrible, just bad all around👎 A 1984 style terminator👍 The re-watchability factor is there with III and I'm watching it right now-I agree, it's very good👍 Thank you - I remember Belly of the beast had a good fight scene during the climatic scene. I'd like to add to your list the following: Out of Reach, Into the Sun, Shadow Man, Pistol whipped, the Keeper and Attrition. I did like Code of Honor. I'll check out those others👍 Out for Justice Marked for death On Deadly Ground Out of Reach Into the sun Shadowman Urban Justice Driven to Kill A Dangerous man The Keeper Pistol whipped Code of honor Attrition Fast 6 Meloni was good in this👍 The Nepal shootout...epic 🙂👍 There is a stand-alone blu ray from Mill Creek that's been released on Amazon. A force of one was good. View all replies >