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Is Barbra Streisand's version dead?

Apparently she's been trying to put a remake of "Gypsy" together for years, she wants to both direct and star as Mama Rose. Snerk! Of course the idea of seventy-ish Babs playing the mother of young children is as goofy as ideas get, but every time I think the project has died a merciful death I hear another rumor about a greenlight.

I can't imagine anyone will fund it unless she agrees to direct and hire someone else to play Mama Rose, but who is there? The role is traditionally given to dragons in their forties and fifties, but the fact is that Rose Hovik married as a teenager and embarked on her legendary career as a stage mother in her early twenties, and was maybe in her mid-thirties when Gypsy made it big in burlesque. So a convincing Mama Rose would have to be somewhere between 30 and 40, young enough to look like she could have young children, old enough to play a powerhouse role.

Who is there in the right age range these days?