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Review of the Mummy blu-ray from the UK

The film isn't as good as the previous year's Dracula, but few are. The film's villain is nothing to scream about and Christopher Lee is wasted as the Mummy.

The blu-ray is really nice. A/V quality is fantastic and the special features are good too.


You would have thought they might have tried to make a better movie that Dracula, or at least write one. But it looks like they decided to take the structure that almost sinks that movie and does an even worse job of it in this one.

Some of the awkwardness of the mummy rising out of the swamp could have been cut around too.

I think Lee is still the best thing in it though.


I don't know. Lee is usually really good, but he isn't given much to work with. People say that the eyes sell the performance, but I just don't see it. You mentioned the awkwardness of the mummy rising from the swamp. I agree with you on that and will say that the entire film seems awkward like the entire production was thinking "We hit it big with Dracula so we have to make an even better film." It's like they are trying too hard and not enough at the same time.