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I thought that the suspense that was building helped create the horror in the film. That is why I thought that the film was scary. I don't know. Lee is usually really good, but he isn't given much to work with. People say that the eyes sell the performance, but I just don't see it. You mentioned the awkwardness of the mummy rising from the swamp. I agree with you on that and will say that the entire film seems awkward like the entire production was thinking "We hit it big with Dracula so we have to make an even better film." It's like they are trying too hard and not enough at the same time. All of the special features from this edition are on the blu-ray, plus there are more features shot for this release. That and the picture looks so much better on blu-ray. I still have to see Nocturnal Animals, but I did not like The Green Room. I don't know if I was having a bad day or what, but I just couldn't get into the film. Great list regardless. Nice list. Still have to see The Neon Demon. That is a solid list. Haven't seen a few there. I might have to check them out. That is a pretty good list. That poster is fantastic. I had a few friends growing up who had that poster in their rooms. Always intrigued me and scared me at the same time. I have just started to get into Italian Horror, so I don't really have a gauge yet. Who knows, maybe a few years down the line I will find more of an appreciation for it. Thanks. View all replies >