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So... what happened to Reva?

After all, the poor woman took a bullet for Larry Madden. Last we saw her she was lying in a bed and the doctor was shaking his head like she was done for. Did she live? Did she die? They kinda dropped the ball on her. Also, bizarre how Larry Madden, Tucker and Corinna Ordway and the foreman just walked into the house as if nothing had happened right after Madden shot and killed Pearlo and Luddington. Guess they decided to leave those two to the vultures.

These old Westerns sent several messages which Hollywood still pushes on young viewing audiences:

1. Shooting a person kills them immediately (not true, usually a person lives a little while and dies screaming from the pain.)

2. A good solution to a problem is to kill someone.

3. When a person is shot in the shoulder with a .44, it's merely a "flesh wound." Nothing could be further from the truth! It usually knocks a chunk of meat out the exit wound as big as your fist. I usually opens the brachial artery, bleeding a person out almost as fast as severing the femoral artery will do.

4. When I person dies, they always close their eyes. In fact, this is rarely the case. At least nowadays they usually portray this correctly.

5. Hiding behind a fence, tree or water trough will protect you from 30-30, .44 or .45 slugs. Nope. Goes right through them usually.

Oh well, I still like Randolph Scott movies.


A water trough full of water or a tree of sufficient diameter will certainly stop a .44-40 or .45LC projectile. Even a .30-30 projectile can be stopped by a tree of 12-15 inches diameter. Where did you get the idea that they wouldn't? You must have obtained your ballistic expertise watching re-runs of "Matt Houston". As for killing, sometimes it's the ONLY solution. Like, for instance if someone is trying to kill YOU. Stop judging 19th century people by 21st century standards.

"It ain't dying I'm talking about, it's LIVING!"
Captain Augustus McCrae