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He was the most import figure in the show's long run and I include Waterson in that. But...they over-did the clever lines stuff. Ok now and then but every single time became too much. Miss Jerry very few like him. I have the feeling her "Q" rating was bad. That ws a pretty tough way to go out I bet she felt terrible about it. I thought he ws very good. He and "Lenny" were the two most important characters in the long history of the show. ^ Agree. Rohm is straight. Also agree she was not as good as Harmon (who I disagreed with on a lot of cases). There's early Ford and latter Ford. Unfortunately this does feel like latter Ford. The directer seemed to lose it after "Mr.Roberts." I'm not a fan of his calvery films being to cliche ridden and make-work for his stock company. I thought he kind of walked through this. He was much better than this lame script deserved. And not to knock Wayne but Holden deserves better material then this Ford stock-company routine fare. He was just coming off staring in "River Kwai." [url][/url] This was the hymn: lyrics in a church near the end ("day Thou gave us"). I would like to know the short [b] organ piece[/b] that was being played while Gere and the girl are in a church briefly in the second half of film? She's a very rich, elderly, Jewish NY'er. What would you expect her to act like? The flowers and card scene. But I've always wondered if the aunt --Sissy--hadn't done that herself. I guess Francie could have recognized his writing but it didn't seem like something her father would carry out, even if he had thought about it. "says something about "till midnight" ---------------------------------------------- I don't think it was 12AM. I think it was 9pm! Keep in mind it had been dark since about 5pm and snowing. The lot wasn't staying open until midnight that made no sense. View all replies >