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Neil Young calls on baby boomers to boycott four big banks after pulling music from Spotify

Rich boomer who's flown around the world a thousand times lectures ordinary people!

The musician called on baby boomers to “ditch the companies contributing to the mass fossil fuel destruction of Earth,” and proceeded to encourage people take their money from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co.

“Join me as I move my money away from the damage causers or you will unintentionally be one of them,” Young said in a post on his website dated Monday.

Young’s criticism of the streaming service did not escape his Monday post when he addressed the company’s employees, saying Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek is “your big problem — not Joe Rogan.”

“Get out of that place before it eats up your soul,” Young said.


Fuck him and his shitty music. He has no soul. Rockin' in the Free World should be called "Suffering in the Not Free, Leftist Hell Hole".


fuck this guy