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Jean Stapleton/ Edith Bunker

No offense to Jean, but I always thought the character Edith was funny-looking and even homely, mainly because of that befuddled look she often had on her face.

However, watching this in reruns, I see what GREAT actress Jean was. She imbued the character with such warmth and love, that many times, Edith looked cute and downright pretty.

It's a testament to Jean's talent that her (and Edith's) inner beauty shone through.

Edith was like everyone's mother, grandmother, or favorite aunt.

RIP, Jean. We miss you..... ❤️️


I related to her as a mom. She lost that befuddled look the very first time she stood up to Archie and told him no. I cheered along with the audience.

I was surprised that she and Carroll O'Connor were only around 50 years old when they shot the show. People looked much older in those days.