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Nancy Pelosi Movie Titles..... πŸ’₯ Where are PJ and Gary ? 😦 ❓ NANCY... If we threw a bucket of water on this woman..... No matter what side you're on... LAINIE !!! 🎢...🎹...🎼...🧑 TCM's Tribute to Bernard Herrmann... Fractured Films 🀣 Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961) Rules for Thee, but not for me.... View all posts >


You're welcome. You seem to need all the help you can get. πŸ™„ Apparently, there are a lot of things you don't understand. [quote]What should I do? [/quote] Take a douche, and you'll be fine. πŸ€ͺ I'm afraid Donald has lost his few remaining marbles! πŸ™„ Schumer doesn't like being upstaged. He can't see a camera without sticking his ugly face in front of it. A.O.C. (all out Crazy) wants to give everyone $2000/MONTH! 😲 πŸ™„ I don't ever think about MJ. Never was a fan; he was never on my radar. However, I think it's a shame how he wound up. β€’ All About Steve. β€’ The Three Faces of Ethan β€’ What Ever Happened to Baby Jim β€’ The Ghost and Mr. Muir He looks "over-botoxed" to me. The botox "plumps up" the face to eliminate wrinkles, but, in my opinion, it's <i>very</i> unnatural look. 😦 I've only watched it a couple of times, with this Covid setup. Didn't like it at all. And, I used to DVR the program every day. My local city council meetings are no better. They're broadcasting from home, with a lot of different boxes on the TV screen. It looks like Hollywood Squares! 😜 View all replies >