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Is it just me..... Weekend At Joe’s..... Botox Face ? Mike Evans - A Shout Out... Mike Evans - A Shout Out... Joe Biden claims..... Jean Stapleton/ Edith Bunker Jean Stapleton/ Edith Bunker Good Article..... Good Article..... View all posts >


I have a cousin, a DOCTOR, who believes in it. I tell him the moon is in Uranus! 😲 There's no reasoning with people's beliefs. ❓❓❓ Then, Biden saw his shadow, and ran back into hiding! 🦔 Unless the companies have a political agenda, I think they are just trying to reflect reality. Interracial marriages are more common and accepted now. It's no big shock or big deal. Also, more people of color are featured in commercials because they are more upwardly mobile now, also reflecting the times. To sell their products, companies have to appeal to as many people as possible. It's boils down to money. And, don't forget to include "dumb." 😜 When Madame Hillary lost the election, they all lost their minds. 😱 You'd politicize a dead cat, sicko. 😾 [quote] Boy, he sure has matured past his high school days!*sarcasm*[/quote] I think the charm of the show was to show how the nerd past of these guys affected them up to the present. Even Amy was written to be socially stunted, because she had the same type of past. People carry baggage till they die. [b]TDS[/B] [quote]What's actually wrong with mocking dead people? Do they become special once they die? [/quote] The point is the OP is a self-righteous Dem, talking about a Black Rep Man. If a Rep talked that way about a Black Dem, he'd be accused of racism. The old double-standard. Of course, if Democrats didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all. [quote]If they had kids, their kids would be beautiful and smart.[/quote] (And, imaginary.) View all replies >