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WTF Happened to Paul McCartney?

It’s no stretch to say that popular music as we know it now would be very different were it not for Paul McCartney. So, we’re pretty sure many of you reading and watching this will say, WTF Happened to Paul McCartney? Nothing - he’s still awesome. And indeed he is, with him even recently rocking up a storm with the Foo Fighters on-stage for their recent tribute to Taylor Hawkins. Despite pushing eighty, McCartney is still a force. Still, here at JoBlo Originals, in addition to being movie fans, we’re also music fans, so just like when we wrote about Clint Eastwood, forgive us our indulgence as we dig into the career of one of the greatest musicians of all time.

In this episode of WTF Happened to this Celebrity, which is written (with Brad Hamerly), narrated, edited and produced by Taylor James Johnson, we examine the scope of his career. Of course, we spend plenty of time on The Beatles, but we also dig into his awesome seventies group, Wings, as well as his solo work, which included some massive hit collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and more. And did you know Paul McCartney also made a movie? Well, the great Paul might prefer if we left Give My Regards to Broad Street out, but there you go. We also explore the great man’s resurgence, including work with the now-crazy Kanye West, the reformed Nirvana (with McCartney standing in for the late Kurt Cobain) and more.


He got old! Whaddya think.