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Why Fergie Disappeared

At first glance, Fergie needed absolutely no convincing of the star power she withheld not only because of her gimmicky style and playful rapping but because she was the only female member of the iconic and hugely successful Black Eyed Peas group which ultimately made her stand out. She branched out into a successful solo career and vanished while she was in her prime. Here’s what happened....

Some of Her Notable Hits: Fergalicious, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Clumsy, London Bridge, Glamorous, You Already Know

Albums: Dutchess, Double Dutchess

Associated Acts: the Black Eyed Peas,, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj


He retired, Fergie was the best manager Man Utd ever had and a good wife to Prince Andrew too!


I liked her in the Wild Orchid days, and she CAN sometimes sing despite that horrendous national anthem performance. But I think she got a bit overconfident when she left the Peas. Her debut album was an undeniable success with so many hits, but she waited TEN years to release a follow up which might as well be 3 decades in the pop world. And when she came back with that trashy 'Milf Money' song with Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Tiegen in the video, people were underwhelmed and embarrassed. Not long after, she did the National Anthem which tanked her career. She has a history of doing drugs and has been caught pissing herself on stage a few times, so I do wonder if there is some kind of mental health issue at play also that held her back from dropping music more regularly.

The NYT did a beautifully shot mini doc about Kim Hill, the original B.E.P singer. It's very interesting and says a lot about the music industry, and how you kind of have to have all the elements fall your way to properly make it.

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Meth. That's the answer. She was really into doing meth. Not kidding look it up