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Kim was "unprofessional" on the set of "Batman"!?

So says the costume designer, Bob Ringwood:

Horrible woman….such bad behaviour when we made Batman.

I didn't hate working with KB…she just behaved in the most unprofessional and disgraceful manor….more than any other actor in my 45 year career…….actually we did start work with Sean Young and had completed all her clothes for the film and she was a pleasure to work with…unfortunately she had a riding accident and had to withdraw….


Well that's his opinion but maybe there's the other side to the story. Maybe he was pushy, as some folks are, and she pushed back.



Somebody on Quora recently suggested that Kim Basinger possibly suffers from bipolar disorder (either undiagnoised or Kim has kept it a secret).

I know that I'm getting into speculative gossip about a person that I don't know personally or making an arm chair diagnosis. If I did see Ms. Basinger in person I wouldn't just say to her that I believe that she suffers from bipolar disorder.
But hearing about Mariah Carey's recent revelation made me think about what may really be up with Kim. For the longest time, the cover story that Kim used is that has “social anxiety disorder”. Depending on your point of view, this goes hand in glove with being bipolar. And if you Google “bipolar disorder” with “agoraphobia”, which Kim has long said to have suffered from, then you’ll likely be surprised at how closely they go together to.

Not that I’m making excuses for Kim, but I wonder if maybe Kim’s decidedly erratic behavior on the set of “The Marrying Man” was mostly fueled by her undergoing a manic episode (kind of like how Mariah Carey's appearance on MTV's "TRL" back in 2001 was in hindsight, a tale-tell sign of her own diagnosis). Simply put, when you have a scattered brain you’re not able to concentrate or think clearly.


People who are bipolar also tend to self-medicate:

Of course, I don't know how well Kim can handle her liquor (in real life of course, not in her movie "Blind Date"), but Alec Baldwin seemed to insinuate that Kim had as big of a drinking problem has he had:


I tried to follow the click trail you left but it looks like all there talking about is 62 yearold kim basinger. What did she actually do that was so bad?