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Agency just means freewill. If daughter failed the test we have no doubt mother would have murdered her. She was created by humans that left her incharge of embryos in the event of an extinction level event. She was was supposed activatee during an emergency and grow the embryos once the earth was able to sustain life again. Only she her self caused the exinction level evemt. Its akin to a life raft going heywire and crashing the boat causing it to sink. Our backup plane became our end plan. Yea the reverb on the croaking sound the alien made really stuck out for me too. The effects were greate for predator the only thing was that first hit doesn't strike me as a plasma hit on review but back then I always assumed it was a plasma hit to the shoulder. Freeze framing didn't work back then on VHS with out getting the 3:2 pulldown flicker movements along with out of phase tracking artifacts as my VCR didn't step between frames on the tape but rather tended to stop right at the point you paused between helical tracks. If you didn't know it was an Alien predator then you got the full effect of the transistion from military to sci-fi. This was how from dusk till dawn was for me in that it started out as a crime movie then turned into a vampire movie. I never saw the movie on cable with out any knowledge of what disk till dawn was about. Yea I want to remember it was just a poorly rendered plasma cast. Back then we more forgiving of poor special effects. It literally looks like a giant fountain pen sweeping past the camera. To me it looked like the first hit grazed his side but blaine was either in shock or his nerves were severed as he appeard to not feel the original energy then the second blast was spot on. This was supposed to be the first reveal of the plasma caster so the first hit to me looked mysterious for dramatic effect. We were all still scratching our heads when a smoking hole appeared in his chest chest. On review though yea it looks like a giant spear tip yet we don't see a spear like weapon untill the second movie. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6YQbdlpr-8[/url] The daughter had agency. We are pretty sure what would have happened if she failed the test. If she had no agency she woulden't be taking tests. It also seemed foolish for mother to pretend she didn't know the "woman" was in the complex. She almost shot her through her CPU after all. I'm sure mother couden't have choreographed that. We don't have it here in the US yet I guess. Just the first 8 episodes. :( Netflix is only listing one season. Where do you see them with 2 seasons? She always did though. The thing 2011 is a prequel. Or were you meaning to the thing 1982 was a remake of The Thing From Another World 1951. View all replies >