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Agreed. If the show used the space ship for like say transporting cargo in with the help of with a portal gun (If the space ship uses a portal gun to jump betweeb points) then it would make sense but we haven't really seen the ship used like that. Instead we just see the ship being used as a narrative setting to brief the audience on what the current adventure is all about before the actual conflict is set up. Some episodes seem to require them to operate in space via an enviornment bubble. IE fighting other alien ships but other then that why wast time going from point A to point B. I'm suprised we don't see them portal gunning and moving through the portal with the space ship, Yea he found out rick and morty were dicks I figured godzilla was absorbing life forms it came into contact with which was to explain how it was growing so fast and that those huminoid creatures represented humans that got fused into godzilla as he travled on land. This godzilla was an abomination. Your not supposed to like it yiour supposed to be disgusted by it. It moved like that cause it was too week to stand so it just slithered like a snake till it had the strength to stand. It looked and moved like a fish out of water. Yes. Its like godzilla was the star of his scenes in shin godzilla. The Hollywood version kept pretending the story was about the human characters yet the human actors wern't really telling a story. This godzilla was more passive as he wasn't effected by the military at all. He didn't even know he was underattack when the apache aircraft was hitting him with their 30 mm. He did react to the bombs though and tossed a bridge. He diliberatly aimed at the stealth bombers when he shot them out of the airthough. True godzilla isn't shown being intentionally aggressive but he is plowing through the city destryoing people and property non the less. Godzilla is a force of nature that has no known intention. He just causes damage and theirs nothing the city can do is the theme of this movie. People are supposed to fear this godzilla the same way you would fear a hurricane. You just kind of accept it and evacuate and hope your home isn't too damaged when you get back. 1) A glove would never stop a blaster 2) Jedi clarivoyance as to the trajectory of a blaster would be unstopable in real life. And would beat a light saber as well. Yea I remember when she claimed she didn't like mainstream movies and prefered indie movies before she made it big with the hunger games. It all started when she snapped at that one reporter for looking at his phone when she wasa making a press release. The reporter was asian and was looking at a translation when interviewing her. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_zja9pepgU[/url] View all replies >