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Ah get swifty episode s02e05. I just rewatched it. It looks like the president didn't know rick and morty as he just met them. I guess after getting to know them ... Yea I still don't understand the need for a drone strike when a apache helicopter would have done just fine and had more ammo. wow and I thought it was just a TV show. Yea but the droid ship was the weakness that was found. In an age when computers were decentrealized Lucas stilkl made a movie where a central computer controlled every little individual droid on the surfaceof a planet which required loads of bandwidth from the command ship to each individual droid. Just when they get a movie right [spoiler]they all died so [/spoiler] so end of story. No sequals. How lame. :( [quote]many pornmovies show 3 women sucking of 1 dude...... they seem to work fine in that setting? cancel share[/quote] Yea but off set the're fighting over drugs. Agreed Alien3 was better then Aliens but only when you consider it a stand alone film. It was a series killer which is why its ranked so low. The force awakens is a fair target but the clone wars?Thats not a movie? Bit your tounge. Alien3 wasnt a dude. It did well in the box office and became really likeabe after Alien Resurrection. Thats too bad cvause just like Transformers. The new characters don't have the brand power to keep the series going on into the future. If this is all true then why did Disney invest in the mandalorian? Thats nothing but nastalgic characters. View all replies >