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agreed. Its kinda hard for adlerian to have any credibility now after claiming jews don't exist. She just seemed a little to young for this kind of work. She felt like dougie howser amongst a bunch of coal miners. I was expecting some one a little more rugged and aged (experienced). Her acting was fine. I've been waiting for another thing movie since 1982 and the thing 2011 fit the bill just fine. I don't know what people were expecting. This thing was faster and seemed more deadly then the one from 82 but I know thats cause of the technology of the times that were used during both. I'm actually ready for another thing movie now. :/ Kinda like the tic? oh yea sorry about that. 2 differn't characters. Well I see your point they could be 2 versions of the same character from a different universe. I agree but not a fair comparison since one is comedy and one is sci-fi/horror. Tim burtons batman was considered the best batman until for some reason every one decided that darker is deeper super hero movies. I can't lie I got caught up in the darker is better but eventually decided to consider movies like tim burtons batman with nolans batman as as apples to oranges. It would be unatural to ask a question like which movie is better Ghost Busters or Alien. We live in a world of reboots remakes and countinuities. That makes them 1 differnt characters. As far as the movies are concerned I think only the keaton batman series had joker as the canonical killer of bruce wayn's parents. 1 They are totally differen't characters. Phoenix's joker is disabled yet pushed to the edge by society. Ledgers's joker is very capable in executing his well crafted goals which are driven by unorthodox goals of watching the world burn/die. They have completly different skill sets and goals to plausibly be the same person. View all replies >