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Just as soon as you get your head out your ass. I had to look past the tough girl attitude rage against society she kept bringing to the story. She was a gloryfied drug pusher made to look like an angry victim. I'm not sure how the writers are expecting us to relate to and root for her. Take her out of the story and it is a pretty good movie. If only you weren't two years late to this conversation. No need to blow an eye vessel or snything. I think a Mary Sue just implies shes good at and gets what ever a character wants. A Mary Sue is a cjharacter that is just awsome at everything they do with out training. IE A Mary Sue doesn't grow or have a dipiction of growing in a story. Think doogie howser were a character becomes a doctor at age 14. Its not the Mary Sue trope that bothers me. Its the abusive nature she has towards her peers. Shes not just obnoxious she's out right insulting. Also her disdain for authority or anyone giving her advise is evident. By her own admission she'd rather be sent to the brig then ordered to attend therapy which makes no sense as mariner cleasrly means she values her freedom above all elsee so why would they write her to prefer the brig other then to show how badass she is. I agree it seems like in the last 3 episodes the characters became less shrill in there dialog but they still talked fast and ran over every one around them. It almost feels like each character is reading from their sdcript the split second and almost right on top of their partners last syllable which indicates poor timing as the characters would have to have pre knowledge of their partners dialog before speaking(IE This is a giveasway they are reading from a script breaking suspension of disbeleif.). Like how many takes did they do for their dialog to sound so precanned and unnatural. Sati_84 no he's treating te thing like a Computer host and virtual machine where a host operating system can take over from time to time with out the VM knowing about it. Ie the thing can access the imitations memories but but the imitation can't access the outer things outer things memory. The thing can take over when it knows its alone and switch off the imitations ability t o remember and return the brain to homeostasis when it needfs to switch back to the imitations runnng mode. IE the imittion won't even realize or be aware they are missing time. Most of your memories are reconstructions anyways so the brain of the imitation would just fill in the gaps like like your do with your memory. For example you really don't remember the color of your 1st grade rooms floor. Your brain just makes up a color when you think back and that becomes your reality. If you have amnesia your brain does the same thing until your confronted with a hard conflict.i Anopther example would be that people don't realize they are missing time until some one confronts them with evidence or something. For excample they a person suffering from asmnesia won't realize they are missing time until they look in the mirror and realize they have a head inmjury or can't determine the cause of the pain on their head. If the thing covered up the UFO blair woulden't know about it cause the imitation isn't allowed to form memories. It will be like split personality except their is a main personality (The thing) that is omniscient. If computers can do it a specialized biological brain should be able to as well. I'm pretty sure this is just a sock account argtueing with him self. Yes she is overprotected by plot armor. Its like she's happy being a screw up but the plot demands she be a mary sue so she activily has to try to fail. There is just to much of suspensin of disbelief. If you accept the plot line line that she is really awsome you have to accept she';s a mary sue but a real asshole for putting her crew in such danger by neglecting tricorders etc. Yea the Alien original screen play is pretty good. I'm still waiting to see what the Alien design is gonna look like. They should do this with prometheus. I'd like to see what the real proto face hugger(Described as a squid that threads down from a honey comb structure from the ceiling to ambush prey), uber morph, and the fif alien that combies the suit of fif to form the proto transparent dome skull alien we are used to seeing. IE The black goo originally fused bio tissue with technology which was supposed to explain why the xenomorph and the derelict appeared to be so biomechanical until ridley scott fucked the script. For some reason I don't remember parkers scream. I remember the background music (Brass I think) drowning out hi scream. Digital transmissions have better error correction to help recover a damaged signal but unless your using lossey compression Digital is two much of a bandwidth hog. No one wants lossey compressed images of space images for scientific analysis so clean analog is the way to go. View all replies >