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eYe update and commentary. Happy Bombshell Fridays. Marginalizing the Barr! 10/25/19

As some of you know, I've been saying for weeks SDNY MUST expand its investigation to look at what Giuliani, Parnas, and Fruman are doing to help Trump on the UKR side of things (the left hand). To date, SDNY is only looking at what Giuliani/Parnas/Fruman did to funnel illegal foreign money into GOP House and state campaigns and to use those donations to buy influence and get certain things done.

Well, as I read the tea leaves this morning of DOJ related news, I think we're finally seeing the first signs that the DOJ's UKR investigation IS expanding and that Barr is being marginalized.

First, as to this NYT piece that Barr is expanding his "oranges of the investigation" (as trump would say) witch hunt to a criminal probe, while it may sound menacing, I think it was Barr fronting that he really has nothing. Yesterday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stiff armed Barr's global dirt-digging mission, reportedly telling him that Italy did not play a role in the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.

(Side Note: These are the type of things that are going to occupy the majority of the next President's time, trying to repair both the diplomatic and intelligence relationships with these allies. And permanent damage has probably been done. Because we cannot say, "It won't happen again".)

The NYT article also said he hasn't gotten anything else from UKR, Australia, or the UK. He has nothing but there's no way he can tell that to Trump. So what he did is buy time and leak some news to the always eager NYT:

The move is likely to open the AG up to accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for President Trump, which will be looked upon favorably by his boss.

Second, this Politico piece about the SDNY investigation expanding with DOJ's criminal division getting involved in the Rudy matter is the real deal. The only way to expand the Rudy probe is to expand it to the UKR matter (the left hand). That's where all the crime is going on. The rest are just fringe benefits.

This is the DOJ looking to CYA because there is so much evidence of crimes. That's usually the case when you have illegal foreign money, mobsters, and people confessing or testifying in DC every day to Congress or the Press. If you're DOJ (main justice) you look pretty damn exposed. If Barr wanted to control the SDNY investigation, he could just do it through Berman. He wouldn't need to add his own lawyers into this. Rather, I think this is Main Justice realizing that Barr can't be trusted, that their collective rep is on the line, that Schiff's inquiry is exposing a vast array of criminal activity, and they look worse by the day.

The way for DOJ Main Justice (DC) lawyers to check Barr without actually confronting him is to tack on to this SDNY probe. That appears to be what they are doing. I suspect they're going to use the statements of Mulvaney and Sondland to say, "well, based on new information that we didn't have before…blah…blah, we’re going to look into campaign finance, bribery and extortion claims". In other words, this thing is proceeding more rapidly than I had thought and Trump is likely going to be the subject of a new DOJ/SDNY criminal investigation by way of Rudy.

Barr throws his weight around like a King, but the position of AG is not all powerful. Just look to history. They get fired, impeached, jailed, marginalized, sidelined, recused, and ignored.


Thanks for this! I was watching the news unfold last night on Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell - so much was breaking all at once, and they were trying to keep up. This is a great, concise synopsis of what's happening. Much appreciated.

I'm sure over at FOX they were talking about Hillary's emails.


I think the news from the Italian PM yesterday was a death blow because it shows Barr is being checked. He's in a much weaker position right now and that means Trump's hold on power is much weaker too. We may owe a big debt of gratitude to Italy when all is said and done.

Italian PM Conte exposed (1) Barr attempted to shake down Italian intel to align to a pro-Trump conspiracy theory to undermine the FBI investigation, and (2) Italy rejected any role in the original FBI Russia inquiry and thereby dismissed a key aspect of Barr's conspiracy theory.

Key quote from Conte:

"Mr. Barr also asked Italian authorities to “verify the operations of American agents,” Mr. Conte said. “That is, his question was to verify what the American intelligence did.”"

With this one quote Conte exposed what Barr does every day under the guise of this sham investigation: He’s trying to frame and malign those who investigated Trump. He doesn’t trust USIC because they uncovered the Russian election attack & suspected the Trump campaign’s role in it. Barr is essentially dusting off Nunes’ original conspiracy theory about Obama spying on Trump (i.e., Trump has a legal right to conspire with Russians free from gov’t surveillance. It’s nuts but this is actually the OG defense Trump and co came up with after Flynn left in disgrace way back in Feb 2017 and they knew Comey was on to them).

Specifically, Barr is trying to legitimize a conspiracy theory that Josef Mifsud, the shady Maltese professor connected to RU intel who told George Papdopoulos on 4/16 that Russia had "dirt" on HRC, was really a member of western IC & was used by Obama's team to frame Trump/Russia. The theory is that Mifsud worked for Italian intel and arranged with Obama's CIA to cook up the scheme. After several hours of meetings, Italian intel rejected it outright leaving Barr empty handed.

Fortunately, Barr got nothing from Italy. He is also now essentially empty handed on his UKR based theory that the DNC conspired w/Ukrainians to hack themselves and frame Trump/Russia. Again, this is bonkers and Trump will be impeached for it.


I'd like to know how this will all play out for Barr in the end. What's his future?


I also watched RACHEL and THE LAST WORD last night and what it sounds like is the GUY who is in charge of the situation now has the GREEN LIGHT to create A GRAND JURY to investigate the MUELLER investigation.

But he also doesn't HAVE to create one, and could simply DISMISS the matter any time he likes for not having enough EVIDENCE to go forward.

So the NEXT thing to look for is whether a GRAND JURY will meet to hear the matter. And even then, that won't matter much if they also DISMISS it.

And then it would look like the reason why one was formed was simply to CATER to the CLAIMS BARR is making as a way to FINALLY DISMISS THEM and PUT THEM to REST.

What's also interesting is how another JUDGE has also given CONGRESS the GREEN LIGHT to see the GRAND JURY information that MUELLER had which was also HELD HOSTAGE by BARR ever since MUELLER released his REPORT.

So that might also contain info that makes BARR look like he's been HIDING it for some reason as a way to protect and BROWN NOSE the SCAM MAN.

As far as BARR having a FUTURE from this point forward, any PROFESSIONAL with ETHICS and a MORAL COMPASS would NEVER HIRE him. But he'll probably also become a REGULAR GUEST on the PROPAGANDA CHANNEL for a while (like PALIN did) until people get BORED with him and tired of watching him.



My guess: DisBarred.

This is turning out to be one of those Monster Friday news dumps. Trying to digest it all has been taxing. Every time I think I can relax some other shoe drops.




I've been at work all day. Can't wait to get home, relax before I tense up watching MSNBC.