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T-rump explains why he lost nearly 3 million popular votes to Hillary in 2016

T-rump was let in on another little secret last week, and now he knows why Hillary Clinton beat him by nearly 3 million popular votes in 2016 (and he can't get that out of his brain - it's torture for him).

Well, someone spilled the beans and told him about the conspiracy which was set against him. This is what he's convinced happened, and what he's been repeating over the weekend:

Millions of ineligible US voters voted anyhow. And not once, but multiple times over! T-rump firmly believes this cost him New Hampshire's four electoral votes, and the popular vote.

So at least 1 million American voters were ineligible to vote in 2016, but each one voted about 2.9 times.

And that is what T-rump (and his T-rumptards) believe. God bless'em.


He knows his base. They will grab onto any conspiracy he throws at em.


In one way it's laughable, yet in another way it's rather frightening. To think they can't use common sense or reality, and latch onto these conspiracy theories with him. It's a sad state of mind to be in.


Everything is a conspiracy if he doesn't get his way. He is worse than a five year old spoiled brat.