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1. Brando 2. De Niro 3. Pacino 4. Nicholson 5. Day Lewis 6. Oldman Orange Head is truly insane! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! t-Rump has always been jealous of Obama. Obama is refined, educated and intelligent, unlike Orange Head. t-Rump needs to be exposed for what he is, a racist, homophobic, misogynistic idiot who never should have been president. I hope he will be gone soon. He is the worst president ever and is ruining our relationships with other countries. You've got that right jacob. The crazier the better. The Trumpistas are as insane as t-rump is. I just finished watching A Beautiful Mind, with Russell Crow. It was an amazing film and a true story. Check it out. Lee Marvin was hilarious in Cat Ballou. I laugh every time I see that scene in the film. I'm glad Orange Head isn't going to Greenland. He would probably get lost. LOL Doggie, t-Rump is not the messiah, he's Satan. The medical world doesn't know what causes schizophrenia. It just happens. View all replies >