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I really like the Rolling Stones. Obama would never have committed the crimes that Orange Head has committed. He is despicable, and I hope he is impeached ASAP. Hunter Biden is absolutely a brilliant businessman. He's better at business that that clown in the White House. She is a great young person. She deserved the award. Greta is an inspiration! The soundtrack was excellent. I loved the film and the acting by all, but I don't know why Basquiat's art was so popular. It was very weird. But he was an interesting character. Too bad he died so young. Bowie was hilarious in this film! He cracked me up. The Irishman Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. I haven't seen either of them but they have been getting great reviews. Gas prices in my city.....$4.50 a gallon. What if he refuses to concede?? If he is voted out of office that's the end of t-Rump in the White House. View all replies >