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Quite possibly the sexiest eyes ever Lesbian Initiation - public information film (10 min) Very sad end. 1967 - 1986 Girl on the poster has a real look of prime Caroline Munro Ruh-roh! Actor Barry Newman dies aged 92 Disney should be ashamed for the way they treated this John Carradine called this the worst film he ever made It's okay Nice one for the whole family View all posts >


I served in the (British) military so the possibility went with the job. Fortunately, it never arose! Love him. A very good straight actor who reinvented himself as one of the funniest comic actors ever. Always makes me laugh, no matter how many times I've seen whichever film it happens to be. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one! I really wish I hadn't opened that. I remember watching this two or three years ago. T&A, and the Hoff. It was good for an easy evening watch. I wonder how women feel about it. Do most women prefer a guy to be taller, or do they not care? Yes - although for me it's <i>The IT Crowd</i> and <i>Father Ted</i>! That's a good list! 👍 Personally, rather than in the media, I don't think any. I once went out with one girl the same height as me. Never been out with a girl who was taller. I've never really thought about whether I would, or whether my fragile male ego wouldn't be able to handle it! I love Pink Floyd. Not a fan of Waters himself. But I'm assuming this was something from <i>The Wall</i>. In which case, context counts. Sounds like these condemning idiots didn't bother to do just a little digging. View all replies >