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Absolutely gorgeous in The Return of the Vampire (1943) The Universal horror - that actually isn't Apparently a B-movie journeyman director, mainly westerns and adventure serials Great performance Very, very cute I remember reading that Gloria Holden I remember seeing this short some while back A sad end Rewatched this tonight. Still my favourite ED film of all so far Thought that pic was... View all posts >


It's not the speed, it's the relentlessness. As you say, it just keeps on going non-stop, and it takes the most direct routes possible (no trespass/unlawful entry considerations!). Also, if you don't know where it is, when you decide it's time to go on the move again you could actually be heading nearer to it without knowing. <i>'He looks less like a werewolf and more like a were-Yorkshire terrier with a wet nose.'</i> That is a perfect description! <i>' I recall reading elsewhere (maybe it was in a Lugosi biography) that this film got heavily re-edited prior to release. All the scenes with the laundry roll were ultimately to convey when Andreas went to meet the real Bruckner, killed him, and took his belongings to Tesla. The way the re-editing came out, it appears as if he's often carrying a bundle for different reasons and different times, making little sense of the purpose of it.'</i> Having just rewatched this that actually makes sense. <i>'Then there‘s a plot point: wouldn’t Lady Jane Ainsley (Inescort) have recognized ‘Dr. Bruckner’ as the vampire she and Dr. Saunders had dispatched some twenty-three years earlier?'</i> Yes, there's no getting around the fact they ****ed up there! Love the film though. Lugosi was having health problems by the time he made this, but you wouldn't have known. Plenty of vampires cast shadows. Reflections on the other hand... <blockquote>?? </blockquote> You can edit and re-edit all you want, Jo! 😂 But this is not the place. Take it back here RIP The things they'll do to try and drum up some interest. View all replies >