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Will Hay on top form, alongside a strong cast Entertaining Should be better known One of the better entries AKA Deathdream Vincent Price's OTHER film as a witchfinder... Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (originally released as Jeunes filles impudiques) Gorgeous in... Low-key, but nonetheless gripping Look forward to seeing... View all posts >


Sad to hear. First saw him in <i>Remo</i>. RIP ^Very nice post^ Nine months ago I hadn't seen <i>Superman and Lois</i>. Now I've watched a few, I like Hoechlin but it didn't make me want to stick with it. Haven't seen <i>Stargirl</i>. Thank you for posting 🙏 Honestly, I don't care what 'pressures' he's under. You don't do that. I remember a true crime doc from some years back, where a retired 'legitimate businessman' was showing some journalist around Vegas, telling him various 'anecdotal and hypothetical' stories about 'the old days' 😊 At the end of the programme the two of them were looking out over the desert. After a few moments the guy turned to the journalist and said 'Y'know, there are the solutions to a lot of problems buried out there'. Roll credits. <blockquote>I know you're serious with all this terminology, because of your puzzling background, but I didn't understand a single thing you said here.</blockquote> Thank goodness for that! I thought it was just me! 😊 😂 Just cinematic releases? <i>The Dark Knight/Batman Returns Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Batman '89 Batman Begins Batman v Superman/The Dark Knight Rises The Lego Batman Movie Batman '66 Batman Forever Batman & Robin</i> Haven't seen <i>The Batman</i> Britney Spears was the bubblegummer, but I never felt that sat right with Christina Aguilera. I always felt Aguilera's appeal was aimed a bit more towards the dads, if you know what I mean. View all replies >