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Cringe Inducing Mormon Lunatic with Cringe opinions and beliefs trump cant pay his 400 milion+ tax. LOL what this movie is about? no foggy, no karen paige, no wilson fist , not gonna watch this garbage i'm a huge fan and supporter of the monsterverse and if you ask me. we need as much movies as possible it was all a dream/imagination/hallucination/insert other lazy script writing etc etc.... anti-semitic cunt official clip released. comfirmed terrible animation. flash lookalike boycotting this show because there isnt a trans samurai beside big boobs she have nothing View all posts >


have you seen the trailer? they shoved a black girl with braids in there. of course its woke. its 2024. nothing is UN-WOKE in our time. and anyone who tell you otherwise lie to you the previous movie was woke as hell in auddition to being memberbery trash with that annoying nerdy marry sue girl she looks like a pig more propoganda. nothing is man made you dumb fuck. this is the weather and this is how its always been you moron. your jokes are not funny in the slightest you oblvion NPC heat waves existed since the down of time you moron maybe if you were actually resarching what global warming is about you would know you idiot. they want to enslave people and they use this global warming lie to do it gen z are really not that young anymore. those who were born in 2000 are now 23-24. the book is not accruate to reality tho. in the book he writes that they dont use guns becuase "its not honorable" when in reality since the portugese came they manufactured thousends of them and used them reguraly. View all replies >