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Just remember folks: It is not how many people cast votes, it is who counts the votes that matter. That's why he's winning in swing states and in CNN Polls dumbass and sorry but anyone can post someone else's military credentials Gen Z.. 🤣 What?? Did you actually think I'd buy into that shit?? Why?? Why abandon it when the payoff was incredible?? You're a fucking moron and if you vote 4 more years of this man, you deserve what you get going forward you fucking pinhead.. How on earth could you possibly agree with men using female restrooms and female locker rooms which is what Biden signed off on in updating Title IX?? But see here's the thing: Talk is cheap, whether it's being interviewed by FOX News or Charlamagne the God, the black community needs to actually pull the trigger and vote for Trump one time as opposed to voting Democrat as always and prove people wrong because if we get 4 more years of Biden, then America as we once knew it is finished including allowing men into female restrooms and female locker rooms at these fitness centers and I never thought I'd be seeing this abnormal shit at 58 Years old!! This is not good, this is not normal and furthermore, this particular Democrat Party are simply evil in their intentions.. Maher and the rest who continue to scream blue bloody murder about the impending apocalypse if Trump is reelected failed to explain exactly how things will fall apart. As I recall, under Trump we were not in any wars, our borders were secure, we were virtually energy independent, inflation was low, unemployment low, gas prices low and some semblance of law and order. So what exactly am I missing. Biden has committed every offense and more that they accuse Trump of committing. What exactly, specifically are they so afraid of? 🤔 I feel like Abortion is the only thing the Left can cry about when they're losing everything else in November?? 🤔 I completely agree with this 💯%.. In 2024, you're Guilty until YOU prove your innocence, not the other way around.. Social Media labels you Guilty right off the bat without hearing any facts.. I decided this is my movie for the day, well, at least one of them.. PHANTASM is a Bonafide classic for sure You didn't enjoy his Academy Award Winning role in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice?? 🤣 View all replies >