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I don't care about how people around me look. I care about their culture. The immigration issue in the UK is prominently focused around religious/cultural clashes, not appearance. There is no evidence whatsoever that the 2020 election was stolen. You are, as usual, talking total and utter unmitigated horseshit. Can you tell me what happened to all those people on the planes that you claim didn't exist that crashed in the Twin Towers? >As you know already, the only issues American right-wingers bang on about that have any real traction in the UK are trans rights and immigration. The rest is very fringe. And strikes most of us as antediluvian. Oh I agree. I'd also argue that the reasons there are problems with immigration in the UK are very different to why many Americans have problems too. And the religious, traditionalist component to trans-issues in the USA has no mileage here. So even where there's some level of agreement, it's sort of superficial. He's implying you're non-white, basically. Or maybe part of the "White - Other" in London. >If BBC starts pushing the same inclusivity/diversity/DEI/SGE policies that the government is pushing via its purposeful lack of border controls - then you need to realize that there's a link. What? I don't see what LGBT-centered content, or cringey progressive messaging in TV shows has to do with UK border control. Also, the BBC has been 'progressive' in a relative sense in its programming for decades. I'll await for data that lesbians and gays uniformly fight against the "transfascists". And for your defiinition of fascist. >So you are using LGBTQ propaganda! TERF is combat term created by transfascists. An no, women dont like being locked out of women sport. Women dont like to being put into prison cause they like to improve the female legislation. And women dont like being attacked physically by transfascists. And women dont like to lose their safe spaces. Each and every woman hates that (this inst much of a surprise, cause noone human would like to be treated that way!). I was referring in comparison to men. And I'll await statistical data on women's attitude to LGBT people. And I'm also not really sure how Disney, specifically, is pushing the things you raised there. >And yes, this is totalitarism. Transfascists try to destroy our society. The good thing, but also the problem is that they dont have the smallest chance. Yes, large companies learn slowly, but they are already jumping off the pride flag month. And sooner then you think all companies will realize that they simply lose money by supporting transfascists. And when the pressure of big companies is gone the legislature will follow. But the pendulum wont stop at the free thinking society of the 80s and 90s again. It will indeed swing in the other direction. Into the oppressive society of the 1950s and early 1960s. Perfect job, transfascists! Define "totalitarianism" please. >London, the capital city of UK, is basically done for - what 'culture' and 'politics' are you referring to? We don't teeth gnash over 'woke' in media like you guys do. Immigration is a different thing altogether. >It is woke. Not because LGBTQ people are shown. That doesnt matter. It matters that they dont get their roles anymore cause it was a natural part of the script, but instead cause the scripts are based on the woke narrative. Take for example Thelma & Louise or Brokeback Mountain. If LGBTQ would have been a problem at all, why was there no or at best almost none protest back then? Cause thos were movies without this narrative. They were movies which showed real people! Not just archetypes standing for their narrative. I said on here, not in general society. There are a ton of reactionaries on here. >And BTW Someone stated that thos movies did more for society then all this woke movies together. Cause they made you take their side and that way you learned something. But when the only content is "This is the message, moron!" all you will get is indeed hate. And thats what they get right now and thats what they hoped for. Thats not about bringing the society together and forward. Thats about breaking society and make the woke fascists feel good. I can't imagine being such a crybaby that a TV show or film angers you so much and makes someone who writes it a "woke fascist". What are some examples of "totalitarian acts"? >Look how they act when feminists try to safe their own spaces or feminists try to improve women support. How do they act? Statistically speaking, women trend to being much more pro-LGBT than men I believe. A minority of terf-feminists exist, and are noisy, but they are not the majority. >Or when people dont use their baby language. Or simply state that there are just 2 sexes (which is simply science). If they wouldnt have acted as fascists then they would have getting acceptance like any other minority (before the transfascists destroyed the reputation of LGBTQ as a whole, noone in society gave a damn anymore if anyone was hetero- or homesexual. Perhaps that happened, cause gays didnt enforce any baby language on other people). Even transsexuals were almost accepted by society. Cause they didnt hated science and the society. But transfascists (aka transgender) destroyed all the acceptance in society. Perfectly done. Im sure all the then surpressed gays and lesbians will be proud of you! None of this is totalitarianism or fascism. Fascism has a specific definition. We will wait to see if the OP ever returns to clarify. On here, plenty of people regard showing any LGBT people in fiction as inherently woke. Including one user in this thread who you've replied to. How did "transfascists" try to destroy society? Also what does this have to do with homosexuality, which Guitar also directly opposes? No, I'm thinking the OP is suggesting being LGBT is disgusting. People are laughing about this show. It's got a pretty uniformly awful rating. What's your point? >In modern Western nations, it absolutely does. Even the Smithsonian disproves your point: The UK doesn't push racial sectarianism. Most of Europe doesn't. Issues of sectarianism come from Muslims and Hindus and other cultural and religious groups, not natives. But again, the race discussion is USA is completely unlike that in South Africa. >Prominence of it has always been tied to late stage societal decay. No evidence that any society has declined due to homosexuality. >It was based on another person's claim. He lied. The "other person" was a troll. He knew it was a troll. He continued to repeat the baseless allegations and edited his posts when I replied to him to suggest my response to him somehow constituted an admission when it did no such thing, and when I said the opposite. Can you finally admit that behaviour was wrong? >Limited/anti-immigration, high-honour society, high-productivity, low crime, low/zero tolerance for disrupting social hierarchies. What do you mean "high honour" society? High-productivity = working oneself to death. What social hierarchies in Japan do you find admirable? >If you're trying to capture institutes and prevailing social norms, absolutely. How would one be trying to capture institutes and "prevailing social norms" when saying that? >Prevarication. Everything I listed is true of their culture. I will repeat: LGBT people are not responding for straight people not having kids. LGBT people are not responsible for crime in the west. LGBT people are not responsible for inflation issues. LGBT people are not responsible for low job growth. >What we're seeing happening now in Western nations. Not good enough. Specific examples please. >The State fails, which is why it's imperative (and incentivised) for the State to serve the people. Except it seems more interested in persecuting the people in your case. It's essentially a mob. >It means people aren't being punished accordingly -- homelessness also means fortunate people are not being charitable as outlined in Judeo-Christian principles. Again: No reason to believe crime directly correlates with a decline of religiosity. >If they're being arrested, then it means they committed a crime. You think it's impossible for a fascist state to arrest people based on false, or trumped up charges? Or that they may have unjustifiable laws that justify resistance? The very state you describe, in itself, justifies resistance. That's what Americans claim they need firearms for. >Because it's actually correct. You insisting this is not evidence that it is. I've actually seen many of the shows I listed to you. You have not. Why does Russia have almost no soft power? Why does the USA and the west have so much more cultural soft power? Why don't you move to Russia? Not quite 95/5%, but more 80%/20% and there are no real anti-LGBT pockets like in the USA. It's a bit different when specifically on transpeople. The point is you don't dictate how other countries view nationality or belonging within a nation (for want of a better term). Did you think that the UK was somehow hostile to LGBT rights until I told you? The UK is arguably the most pro-LGB country on earth (YMMV in regards to trans). I don't care. I'll do what I like. >No, I said that they can integrate culturally, but that this sill won't make them British. And what it means to be British is more than just sharing the culture it's also about your blood Not your decision to make.