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Students boo Jew. What would you expect? Agree she can be a good actress, she was great in Spencer. You know they're going to go for a more manly woman, Kirsten Stewart or Ruby Rose. Hollywood hates gender stereotypes so forget Sydney Sweeney or Alexandra Daddario. Zoe Zaldana raises their ESG score nicely. We are going to see more of this going forward. I don't know what it is like over the pond but here in the UK we were using mostly Astra Zeneca and this is widely known to cause clots. And yes you will get your head ripped off. Anyway what a career Albini had, stamped his mark all over the 90s. They always look so happy. don't they. The left will eat itself. If they go for Drew flippin' Barrymore they will all have to be worried. George was the best thing about the show for me. Lol. The absolute state of the old bint who came out with this crap. Well, they were both in Once upon a Time in Hollywood. But no screen time together. It is available on IPTV services and it is a high quality, normally indicates a leak. This needs to be seen on the biggest screen you can find though. View all replies >