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and if the twat is predictable... Female empowerment at the expense of men is so on-message these days and so off-putting. Sadly when I see Keira Knightley in a lead role these days I know what's coming. She has become such an insufferable nutter lately. Queue the usual predictable twats yelling incel and basement dweller. I was always perplexed by the idea of her as a beauty, she always struck me as manly, people seemed to think she had a sexy voice, I only ever heard 80 Marlboros a day. Different times though, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were also considered hotties back in the day. These days they would be considered repellent. Well it's fairly well known that this is a remake of High Noon, not sure what you were expecting. If slaves did build America it would have fallen over at the first earthquake. Originally Margot was listed on IMDB as playing Clara Bow in this.not sure why it was changed. I guess you don't wanna mess with the ghost of Clara Bow! Ugh ~Problematic. What a sad whiny word that totally sums up the modern world, but if you're going to use it about this film - 'No Hard Feelings' btw then wouldn't it be the age gap between the leads, Jen is in her 30s and the young guy looks really really young. Switch the sexes and this would already been cancelled. Where did you learn that Freeman thinks that? Trailer makes it look like a generic thriller. Rating of 4.0 on IMDB doesn't bode well. Looks like they're going down the predictable route. Seth Rogan involved? You know it's going to be shit. I got strong Odo from DS9 vibes as soon as I saw her. Good film, need to watch it again as I feel like I missed a lot the first time. View all replies >