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Why isn't it called Wrong Turn 7? Sea level rise nonsense and hot chicks, too woke Wouldn't touch her with a stick Hitler walks into a bar... What a rascal! So where were the elephants? Boring AF - fell asleep in cinema Laura Linney smokin' hot It's maaaaaaaaaaaam! View all posts >


Can you rephrase that in understandable English? Learn the difference between your and you're (and probably there, their and they're). Uses interpunction. I do NOT understand ghetto scribble! Just seeing mark hamill 'act' in Star Wars makes you cringe. He's not even good enough to be in a school play. He would make an awesome janitor though, somewhere in a basement. But that's exactly what I mean: they DO want that name because it's a guaranteed audience of people who EXPECT crazy deformed hillbillies. Damn, another dumb libtard. I don't only 'believe' it was antifa. I KNOW it was antifa. antifa is GETTING tons of money from soros to do this shit, they do everything and anything for soros-money. You just don't have the brain capacity to see the big picture. soros paid antifa, endorsed by pelosi, to infiltrate the peaceful crowd and start riots and get into the Capitol. Their goal: make President Donald J. Trump supporters (and thus President Donald J. Trump) look bad so he can be impeached. The antifa/demonrats knew they had hit the jackpot when Babbitt was needlessly shot, they cheered ("We've done it!"). The demonrats are scared as fuck for President Donald J. Trump because he's still on course to drain the swamp, but the swamp is where they live. So they wanted him impeached, no matter what. Luckily they failed again. But that's how crooked the demonrats are, false flag operations to make President Donald J. Trump look bad. And I'm not an American. But if I were, I'd be a sane one. The country I'm from has a great education system that enabled me to get a Masters degree in Applied Physics. That's not woke! It should be Womandalorian. Alsofuck is a troll. Don't feed it. Alsofuck is a troll. Don't feed it. I read in another post that Ellen Page would be replacing someone in the Mandalorian. I FIND THAT HUGELY OFFENSIVE !!!!!!!!!!! It should be Womandalorian !!! View all replies >