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Halloween Kills trailers spoils the film Gianni DeCenzo in talks to portray michael Cillian Murphy steals this film This has to be the dumbest idiotic lame plot of a movie ever SPOiLER the metaphor of this film is stay away from vegas Jon Berthnal to be in Evil Dead sequel too many flaws in this film trailer looks like a home made camera As a Horror Reporter View all posts >


So the premise is, Michael kills people on his way home ha. Oh look, Marian and Lindsey in a car, oh look...Tommy Doyle, ohhh look Kara takes his mask off and from earlier trailer he slashes someones throat and gets his mask back which is probably kara. Laurie is barely written in this film. You have a group of firemen who can't tackle one guy? haha. The Dead Zone series, he was the reporter in Dark Knight, Weird Science, Johnny be good Hope Cillian returns in 28 months later "Politely kill" ha ha classic Thats not very nice, apologize to the Asian race please Don't piss me off, squeaky cheeks. Cillian Murphy was a good choice as male lead. I love how the scenes split in suspsense, Lake dock and the oldest son scene, then the Island or radio tower and Emily Blunt scene and it combines for both monster threat to die. And killing them in the head never worked, but it did in the movies, favorite zombie film ever,. YA in aliens they stood by each other side,. being under ground adds some protection. View all replies >