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I think it's also about maintaining an image as well. I think actors are different now. They 'hang onto' their youth for much longer. Youth back then seemed very fleeting. I didn't know Diana was a smoker. That explains much about the way she looked later on. Wear 8 inch elevator shoes. I've just watched a recent movie of his and he looked like he was wearing a wig but close up pictures show his hairline is real hair. I agree. It's a good film. Nice cast too. Yeah but I've seen some bad horror movies. I know when I see bad. In fact I switch off. I guess we can't always like everything. Boring movie. Loads of CGI. Weak script, plot. Just very awful. Yes Really boring. Couldn't finish it. Never believe any of those YouTube movie reviews. They all say movies are great. The best thing ever. They do this because these reviewers get all their movies free. That is horror in itself. Haha. I agree. The voice did not fit Hayley. At first I thought she was supposed to be singing along to a record. She was too old to play Charles Laughton's daughter. She looked the same age as him. I watched it years ago, and then again last night and I loved every minute of it. I don't normally give 10/10 ratings but I did with this last night. I was glued to the screen. Great movie, a fantastic ride from start to finish. Never a boring moment. I only wish Barbara Crampton was in the sequel and I wish she had appeared in a lot more movies with Jeffrey Combs. I liked the security guard. There seems to be a lot of guys on here who think 'gorgeous' means a woman who is prepared to flash her boobs. However, I sort of agree with the original poster. I'd say she wasn't gorgeous either. But pretty and yes, the girl next door type, which could include a librarian. I'd say she is more attractive in the From Beyond movie which she did a year later. In some ways, she doesn't look like the same person. She's lesbian? And? You waited 14 years and now there are. You get a lot of this in films. I think it's because adults can work longer hours than children can. But I saw The Blood on Satan's Claw (1971) recently and I swear the 'kids' in that were 30 years old if not older. Haha. I agree, it's a terrific film. Very well acted and a great cast including Geoffrey Keen.