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That is horror in itself. Haha. I agree. The voice did not fit Hayley. At first I thought she was supposed to be singing along to a record. She was too old to play Charles Laughton's daughter. She looked the same age as him. I watched it years ago, and then again last night and I loved every minute of it. I don't normally give 10/10 ratings but I did with this last night. I was glued to the screen. Great movie, a fantastic ride from start to finish. Never a boring moment. I only wish Barbara Crampton was in the sequel and I wish she had appeared in a lot more movies with Jeffrey Combs. I liked the security guard. There seems to be a lot of guys on here who think 'gorgeous' means a woman who is prepared to flash her boobs. However, I sort of agree with the original poster. I'd say she wasn't gorgeous either. But pretty and yes, the girl next door type, which could include a librarian. I'd say she is more attractive in the From Beyond movie which she did a year later. In some ways, she doesn't look like the same person. She's lesbian? And? You waited 14 years and now there are. You get a lot of this in films. I think it's because adults can work longer hours than children can. But I saw The Blood on Satan's Claw (1971) recently and I swear the 'kids' in that were 30 years old if not older. Haha. I agree, it's a terrific film. Very well acted and a great cast including Geoffrey Keen. View all replies >