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Bing Crosby about 30 years older than the others Being a bit critical, the alien shows no intelligence Why the low rating? I thought it was a very entertaining movie Old movie characters whose love interests are 30-40 years younger One of the better acted low budget 1950s b movies A complete waste of time -spoiler Very boring, most overrated movie of the year Stupid ending spoiled an otherwise tense movie Better than I thought it would be Surprisingly good - View all posts >


I know how the book ends. Yes, I've heard the book has a similar ending but all the same I think the ending could be more realistic for the movie. This doesn't surprise me. It's overly long and in black and white and it's about a depressing subject that really doesn't have much going for it as regards entertainment. This movie has been hyped so much, but I won't be taken in by it. It looks as boring and it sounds. Not for me. Check your messages. I just messaged the link. It was streaming on a European site. I prefer quality classic movies that have stood the test of time. I've never even heard of Transformers, or whatever that is. Obviously you do. Haha. I guess it leaves us debating.... The question is, SHOULD the movie showed their deaths before the credits rolled? IMDB removed one of its best features. Crazy. At least MovieChat came to the rescue. Yes they died. No way out. The island was overrun with zombies and they were already off the boat when the zombies started to charge. And it looked like there were hundreds of them. Probably included some other survivors who had gone to the island too and were turned into zombies. I guess the dog survived though. View all replies >