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Jackie Chan saying 'what's up, my nigger?' in Rush Hour Would anyone else love to see David Fincher direct a docudrama film on the Franklin expedition? He should direct a feature length movie on the Franklin expedition Marv a virgin before Goldie? All hell is going to break lose before the year is out, no matter who wins "What's up, my nigger?" Homeward Bound III: Lost at Sea Homeward Bound III: Lost at Sea De Niro and Nolte should have swapped roles. Does anyone else think this movie is beautifully shot? View all posts >


And what does that episode have to do with sexual harassment or assault anyway? The last two seasons, IMO, were noticeably less funny than the the rest but I would not go so far as to say the show ever jumped the shark, except, as the previous poster, said, in the final episode. Not a good ending to the series! <blockquote>Al the other replies seem to think you want the scene cut / censored / banned / warned . Is that the angle? or were you just saying "gosh wasnt that a funny scene?"</blockquote>Neither. I was expecting some people would insist on that scene being banned given how oversensitive and whiny today's politically correct SJW liberal wussies are. And hoping that others would quite rightly call them out on their stupidity. But instead it looks like most agree with me! As a film about the Titanic and a docudrama more generally, A Night To Remember is far superior. Even as a film in general it is, in some ways, better in my estimation because it doesn't have a sappy love story for teenage girls. The people who made ANTR trusted that the true story would be enough to compell and move audiences and they were right, for I understand ANTR did do fairly well--albeit not nearly as well as Cameron's film. Each film gets different things right and as someone who has thoroughly studied the true story of the Titanic for over twenty years I would love for there to one day be a film with a verisimilitude equal to that of the two films combined! <blockquote>It's their fault if they are too sensitive to identify. </blockquote>Bingo. The pen might not be mightier than the sword--or in this case, a .357--but it has earned King more money. Given the content of King's work, I would say he was fairly close to the mark--to use an apt description in the context of this thread--in saying that were it not for a safe and productive means of venting his demons, he would have vented them in a very *unsafe* and *destructive* fashion. During the car ride Doe refers to Mills 'letting five supposedly innocent people to die', so clearly at some point after being taken to the hospital he passed. Tough call in my book. Incidentally, did you people notice both films are scored by the same composer, Howard Shore? Not that that should be terribly surprising. Daniel Day-Lewis!! Imagine THAT! View all replies >