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How old are the characters supposed to be? A film should be made about Apollo 17 A film should be made about Apollo 17 So glad they finally got into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame last year Looks like an old lesbian Mr. Pink's backstory Better as a miniseries? He would have been great as Jimmy(Tarantino's character) in Pulp Fiction Max Cady versus other scary badass characters Don Logan versus Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York View all posts >


<blockquote>Penny is portrayed as a decent and kind person, not some vacuous THOT.</blockquote> No she's not. She's arrogant, short-tempered, insensitive, and often a bit of a bully. And seemingly proud of it! She also makes no bones about having certainly been a THOT in the past, and still at least wanting to be one again from time to time. <blockquote>I can't unsee that now.</blockquote>You mean <i>unhear</i> it? Humbug Soft Light Dod Kalm IMO the three best episodes of the season. All of your 'reviews' are mere plot summaries. I'll take a piece of that action! Put me down for 100 bucks! Your point? <blockquote>I”m aware that there is a Wiki page for Mr. White with his character info as well as his real name, but as far as the movie goes, they never say & I don’t know if his info on the Wiki page was made after the fact or if that’s what Tarantino always intended. </blockquote>I have a copy of the Reservoir Dogs script, and there is a scene that I'm guessing was never filmed in which Freddie, a.k.a. Mr. Orange, finds Mr. White's mug shot, having done what the other detective he is working with suggested at the diner, i.e. search the criminal records of those with histories of armed robbery from Wisconsin. Freddie/Orange tells the black guy that he's found White and that his real name is Lawrence Dimick. What about it? Holy crap, you're right about Sir Paul! At least now. As a young guy he had a look that was more androgynous than anything else. No way! View all replies >