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Well, quite. Harris would mean an even bigger landslide for Trump. Humiliating for her when they ask her to stay on as VP. Don't worry, you'll get your wish eventually. America was captured a long time ago. Racist... and true It's called... milking it. Southgateball needs to end It became silly in season two. But it was a hit so they had to string it out. A tale as old as time. England finally producing a performance. Hope it continues in the final. Every interview she comes across as damaged goods. Clearly got fucked over by a dude. Good riddance to that dwarf-faced french tool and his dire football. Drop was happening from season 4. I only really liked the final episode of season 7. About it being entertaining? Told ya. Of course it was a shock. Because it was dumb. Heart - England/Portugal Head - Spain/France When Homelander kills her, it will be a metaphor for the death of DEI. If your kid was a tranny would you... A) realise what a terrible parent you are B) pretend transgenderism is empowering England can't play Germany, Portugal, Spain, or France until the final. If Southgate doesn't get to the final now, he has to go! It's aimed at teens. Hence, it's shit. Never had career.