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True. It's a minor flaw. I think the best explanation is that Carl and Molly left, walked down the street together, then Molly pretended she was going in a different direction to Carl so they separated. He thinks she's going for her walk but she's actually doubled back and returned to the apartment. And the semi draw where they play neither Madrid nor City? Somebody at euefa really wants an Italian winner. Nah, this makes him look so butthurt. Staying quiet made him look better. Needs attention. Hence she married a small chimp. It was good. But so was the first episode of season 2. Then we got more horseshit. The only true 10 there has ever been. Nothing can save it. Nothing. Children have taken over. The Grand Nagus. I think that was the point. Privileged wokesters. The real reason women are annoyed by this is that they're worried men are realising that banging a new 19-year-old every 4 years is a more satisfying life than marrying in the modern era. If it were realistic, Furiosa would be first among the fuck meat. And Max would have broken her jaw with one punch. Fathom? Lady Wantsummore. There should have been two crews. We could have seen things from both perspectives. Not just that, but I don't even recall a long-term boyfriend. Unlikely. He simply exploited it. I felt certain Rocky would lose. Bad actor. And he was always a little too handsy with Jake. Always stroking his face and shit. Weird.