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LOL Translation: not content with ruining Picard, Data, Seven, Roddenberry's vision, they're now going to ruin Q too. But didn't score as many against the easier teams in 82 and 86? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Platini also played against smokers who drank four pints before kick off. Like I said: inane. LOL If it was self-evident you wouldn't have posted it. And so on... Your point was inane. I was demonstrating its inanity. By that logic Just Fontaine is the greatest striker in history. Fortunately, that isn't how this works. Belgium will lose their opening game. Put your mortgage on it. News saying he's conscious. Insane. He just collapsed. Literally trying to resuscitate him. Neve seen anything like it (maybe Foe and Muamba). View all replies >