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All That Build up of Frenchie and Kimiko's Relationship So He's Guilty of Paying Off a Whore? An Absolute Smoke Hammer in Her Prime A Mad Max Saga Did They Got Him? Only Possible Proof That It's Real Would Smash! Christ, This Was Average Stars Want Spacey Back When Will We See.. View all posts >


Portugal. Dark horse: Netherlands Right? A real ballache of a feminists though. Could have been better. But I suspect the things I wanted (more answers about the virus, a cure, something) are being kept for the man other future spin-offs. It was entertaining enough. And blacking up. This is also true of black humans. Same to you. But obviously with a dude. Or they'll just keep clutching at straws until the show is cancelled and the BBC is redundant. A sense of righteousness. It's eerily Christian conservative. I wish !!!! View all replies >