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Hardly seems like the worst crime. Did she finger any of the girls herself? What did she do exactly? You think rape is funny? Calm down, gay lad. Not the sharpest though. Wait, legal is 18 in America? I think the one-night stand thing was to facilitate the ending. In other words, they establish that Rory screws anyone (even men in Chewbacca suits) then at the end, they bring back Logan, Jess and Dean... then they reveal she's pregnant. The idea being to encourage the audience to believe any one of them could be the father (cos she's a slut who sleeps around, you see). Lorelai doing 'Wild' was absurd and felt utterly out of character. Rory and Lorelai are still the same spoiled and self-obsessed women as they always were. Zac seems to have aged twenty years. Taylor hasn't aged at all. What the fuck is going on with Luke's hair? The only thing wrong with her face is that my balls aren't resting on it. No. But it was good. I'd say that's rare. View all replies >