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Yes, been like this for the past decade. We used to see morning frost in December - January, but haven’t seen that in years. Bay Area, CA NOT ME 1. Paddington (2014) 2. Coraline (2009) 3. The Shadow (1994) 4. Heaven's Gate (1980) 5. Mulholland Falls (1996) 6. The Blues Brothers (1980) 7. Midnight Cowboy (1969) The Randall/Laurel episode was ok. I still object to the premise of reviving the dead mom just to kill her off again. But I did like the Laurel story as a stand alone watch. I liked the quality of the acting, writing, story arc of it. It was like a field trip from the usual TIU storyline. Bonus - no Kevin, Toby, Kate or Rebecca! That’s horrible!!! Sad I asked now 😢😢😢 Recessive genes, go figure Fresh meat > rancid meat. The gal from Peaky Blinders does for one 1. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (13 years) 2. Blade Runner 2049 (35 years) 3. THE ODD COUPLE II (30 YEARS) 4. Tron: Legacy (28 years) 5. Psycho II (23 years) 6. Return to Oz (46 years) 7. BAMBI II (64 YEARS) 8. Escape From L.A. (15 years) 9. Mary Poppins Returns (54 Years) 10. THE BIRDS II:LAND'S END (31 YEARS) 11. The Color of Money(25 years) 12. 2010 (16 years) Horrible casting. How will Kidman do all of Lucy’s funny expressions with her botox-paralyzed face? View all replies >