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I just associate 7/11 with slurpies. That makes no sense to me but Happy Birthday! 😂😂😂 Superstition says bird poop landing on you means you are in for a run of GOOD luck. Go play the lottery! I know someone who won big at a casino after a bird poop encounter. EN-qua-ree Just to be snootish and Britishy It’s a defense but the so-called Fifty shades defense has not been successful. The charge is usually involuntary manslaughter in these cases where the accused is held responsible for reckless or criminally negligent behavior toward the victim. The argument is he should have known the limits and seen signs of distress. Comparable cases involve giving too much of a drug or serving too much alcohol to someone who is noticeably already wasted or drunk. Pity, it was a classic I would have kicked it off the list. Rosemary’s Baby barely got a pass. Yeah I won’t delete because the film revolves around this unseen character, but one who is central to the entire plot. Yes, Happy Days came out of a skit from this show. https://youtu.be/B8A9WFrBK0w Yeah they never had to cast a baby actor for this role. View all replies >