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The logo looks cheap Has become somewhat lazy Michael Biehn Scott Adkins youtube channel is great. Fighting looks slow? Did Louis Mandylor try to... Black & Chrome Final Cut is gorgeous. Could have been great. View all posts >


Dir. Sam Mendes George MacKay - JJ Gittes Lea Seydoux - Ewelyn Mulwray Kevin Spacey - Noah Cross I consider Drex Spivey as one of his crowning achievements, also Lee Harvey Oswald, great stuff. It seems to be a recurring theme with Michael Mann's films, they are so expensive to make.. Ali and Miami Vice both had budgets over 100mil and both were flops. But i'll be damned If they aren't well made movies. He just likes to take his sweet time and shoots a lot of takes. Similar to David Fincher who just signed a multi-picture deal with Neflix, as there is no other studio today that is willing to take such risk with expensive films that aren't based on comic books. Good that every once in a while someone sticks it to those shady Hollywood executives, Sean Connery showed them who's the man! View all replies >