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I would watch it especially if we get to see some behind-the-scenes of Uma Thurman (obviously played by another actress) trying on different Poison Ivy costumes. It would probably be seen today like we see modern “deep” movies by famous filmmakers. I imagine its reception would be similar to Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master or Ridley Scott’s Prometheus upon their initial releases with them being not understood by general audiences but being brilliant film with incredible performances and deeper esoteric meanings. They needed to take it even further and say that her brother in law is Dr. Loomis since the Halloween character is named after Sam Loomis in Psycho. She is good, but probably would be too old at the time for the “sexiness” of the role. I could imagine Anjelica Huston in an elegant dress but not in a skin-tight suit showing off her crotch, ass and breasts. In the original series, Danielle Harris was Laurie's daughter but in this one she is her best friend. Lol I remember being indifferent about the movie and mostly being okay with it when it first came out, but the more I think about the movie and its details and its bad choice to retcon all sequels from existence and act like it is the "one true official" sequel, the more I dislike it and wish they had acknowledged the sequels. I don't like how the film gives off this pretentious feeling of "we are the official Halloween sequel and you have to say we are the best sequel or else." It’s nowhere near the same level as the 1970s original but it’s still far superior to most slasher movies of the 2000s. I mean compare Zombie’s Halloween to the remakes of Friday the 13th, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Fog, Amityville Horror, etc. and one can see it is a much better film than the others of its time. The mystery surrounding her death is the reason I came across this movie. I always thought H20 could exist in the events of 4-6. Perhaps the townspeople and police of Haddonfield tried to keep quiet about the events of those films so it would not hurt the town's reputation and maybe even rumors emerged that "it wasn't really Michael Myers." Laurie faked her death to go on the run and left Jamie behind not wanting her to have to live a life of hiding but not expecting Michael to return to Haddonfield. After the events of H6, Michael may have sensed that his bloodline was not destroyed which led him to investigate if Laurie was still alive. The house in Resurrection may be in the condition it is because it had not been occupied for 7 years and the TV producers may have decorated it to look creepier for their reality show. I can imagine the camera panning up to the sky after Charlie leaves the house to dissolve to the Twilight Zone stars like the end of episodes. View all replies >