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Yeah, and there would never be a female character telling one of the male heroes that she is wet and wants to have sex like when Ivy says to Robin “How about slippery when wet.” She became too famous in real life like how George Clooney left ER. The show was cheesy but entertaining and heartwarming for the first 6 seasons, and focused on just the family, so that would have been the best time to end it. Then Season 7 and 8 seem to focus to much on the new young preacher and all people outside the central family. Season 9 is a little more of a return to form with Matt and Simon back in the main cast. Season 10 focused way too much on Simon’s failed engagement with Rose, who was terrible. Then Season 11 seems to be all about the dad’s heart troubles and the homeless kids who move in with the family. It was better when the original family and no one else was the focus. The part when the creepy Santa Claus wreath blows in the wind. As a kid, I thought the Santa looked mad, and this was to show that Santa was angry at Kevin for being a bad kid. Kevin would get his phone taken away as punishment, and the family would take all the rest of their phones/laptops with them as they leave for the trip, and assuming it’s a modern household, they probably don’t have a landline phone, so Kevin would have no direct access to communication. The setting could also be in the country where Kevin wouldn’t be able to walk to communicate and it could be during a heavy snowstorm with no way of cars getting to the house leaving Kevin trapped in the house like in the Shining They probably sent Kevin upstairs to avoid upsetting Uncle Frank. He seems to be especially annoyed by Kevin even before the “look what you did you little jerk” incident, and the other adults probably don’t like Frank when he is angry. Yes! It’s amazing how the first two films are just family films set in reality but they have the same production quality of a Star Wars or Harry Potter movie! Yeah. I wonder if Schumacher is making a statement about sexual awakenings with the Ivy transformation. The comics and other stories where she becomes part plant or produces plant offspring are fascinating since they explore the more interesting biological aspects of her character. Would her transformation have caused her to develop her body to become more sexy or was she always sexy but hidden under her frumpy clothes and glasses? That’s a good analysis! I wonder though how Ivy suddenly gains a bunch of sexual knowledge after her transformation given all the sexual puns she uses later in the film and her attempts to be seductive since as Pamela before her transformation, she seems to be quite prudish and probably is a virgin since she likely would have been fully devoted to her studies up to that point given that she has her PhD at the age of 26 (Uma’s age when the film was made). View all replies >