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I thought she would show up as a witness to deny Saul’s claim that he felt his life was in danger They should have her come back to be in it. Yeah, they really dropped the ball with Dexter: New Blood at the end That's a great example! The only thing I can really see Marvel actually building towards would have to be something along the lines of resurrecting Tony Stark or finding him in an alternate timeline. At this point in Marvel, they should just focus on standalone stories until those standalone stories produces something worthwhile that other films in the franchise can build off from. I personally would like to see them return to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man universe with the original cast and have him train his daughter to become Spider-Girl like in the comics and then maybe she could go into the multiverse and interact with the main MCU characters and maybe have a funny team up with Tom Holland Spider-Man who could maybe see her as a girlfriend at first not realizing that she is the daughter of his older self from a different timeline and say something funny like “wait you’re my daughter.” Lol. Gerard hunted down so many fugitives that MIB realized he was agent material and then later they erase his memory and send him back as his character in Double Jeopardy and then he changes his name and becomes sheriff in No Country and then he somehow ends up as his character in Bourne Yes, I thought they were going to do something to make audiences hate Saul (or turn him into a “Tony Soprano”) in the final episode like either destroying the urn or killing the old lady. Weren’t there some Kevin Spacey movies that he filmed before his controversy that have been permanently shelved? She would be good! The girl who played the pink Power Ranger looks similar as well so maybe she also would be another choice. I think there will be some kind of ending involving Chuck, like Saul does something that leads him to the fate that Chuck always predicted would happen to Jimmy, bringing things full circle. View all replies >