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It’s a really good movie, but I can understand why some may be disappointed if they were expecting it to be like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. This movie only has a few psychedelic scenes and is a little more subtle in that regard, but the acting is great and there are some really good dialogue heavy scenes. Indy: “Shortround, we’re home!” It seems like there were lots of “nothing” movies about 20-somethings in the 1990s. Here some that come to mind: Singles Clerks. Beautiful Girls Mallrats Reality Bites Chasing Amy I hope so too! Knowing how the government is, I’m sure there will be a further delay for some of those files or they will redact some of the information. There are supposed to be some documents released this October I would like to see them poke fun at horror movie reboots since the first film was slasher movies in general, the 2nd was sequels, and the 3rd was trilogies. Like maybe there are new characters added who are the “new” versions of the main characters (ie Rey in Star Wars sequels being the “new” Luke Skywalker) and they play up this aspect, and perhaps they also intentionally ignore elements from some of the sequels like how many reboots will ignore other sequels (ie Halloween 2018), so maybe Randy or Billy could be back without explanation. I think the horror of Psycho is how “real” it is for a film made in the early 1960s with the characters talking about sex and displays of feminine intimacy. Most viewers probably associate the look and time period with shows like Andy Griffith, so it definitely is shocking in that regard. Kate Winslet looks like she could be Uma Thurman’s cousin. I wonder if she would do it for scientific research to see if the Union will result in a mutant pregnancy or if she has the power to poison him with her nether regions. View all replies >