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I wonder if anyone voted for Trump just because he was in this movie I like how you mention X-Files/Millennium because this movie actually reminds me of Twin Peaks with the Pacific Northwest setting, crime investigation premise, and some shots such as the crime scene flashing lights and autopsy scenes. Maybe she will get better-looking with age. Her mom Uma was at her “hottest” in her late 20s/early 30s (Batman & Robin, Gattaca, Avengers, Kill Bill), so Maya might be the same way. He digitally fixed the sky in the opening shot so it would be the sunset as it should be based on the time the scene takes place. Maybe Lucas can’t edit it further because Coppola would object. Maybe it’s all a conspiracy and he was actually like “get me out of these stupid movies!” 8mm or A Time to Kill It would be darkly funny if the prince character accidentally has sex with the wrong Vanessa character and she becomes pregnant. He should host the Oscars as Michael Scott Angels in the Outfield. It's more serious at times and has heart to the characters and story. Picture link? That and “We’re Going to be Friends.” The actor who played Tor Johnson in Ed Wood probably would have played Bane. I’m sure Kill Bill Volume 3 will be considered part of the Kill Bill series and not count towards Tarantino’s final film. I agree that 6 feels the most like the Halloween holiday as well. The fall leaves and decorations on all the houses create a Halloween atmosphere. The Halloween festival in that movie definitely adds to the Halloween feel. What about Mia? He should host his own TV show or web series to give him just as much media influence as if he were president. I wonder if she was naked underneath the costume or she still wore underwear. The Fall is a good one for something similar in terms of being set in the past and someone telling a fantasy story/tall tale to a kid. Yes, the photos I have seen from the photo shoot feature nice shots of her ass and crotch in the costume. I am interested to see more photos of her in costume if they exist. I’ll have to check those out!