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One of the best introspective songs ever written. I think I am losing a rescue cat I got 2 years ago. Longtime Republican activist gives candid interview. Accounts by veterans that survived in wars(any war) is fascinating. Not a "light" watch. Does anybody here believe in this stuff? Anybody grow Bonsai trees? ***BAKERS DOZEN*** Tricks are for kids! Funny Porn know the game.... Are we O.K. with the Executive branch having final say in America? View all posts >


False numbers!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of the ACA and Obama. The trouble with Tribbles. Star Trek. Harry, lol. I love feral cats. Big question. I actually made $400 in a different way. I am also good at pool. Farley has a huge dick. Abused for close to 12 years and made his way out. View all replies >