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One of the best introspective songs ever written. I think I am losing a rescue cat I got 2 years ago. Longtime Republican activist gives candid interview. Accounts by veterans that survived in wars(any war) is fascinating. Not a "light" watch. Does anybody here believe in this stuff? Anybody grow Bonsai trees? ***BAKERS DOZEN*** Tricks are for kids! Funny Porn Titles....you know the game.... Are we O.K. with the Executive branch having final say in America? If you don't appreciate this scene you do not like cinema. The divisions driven between us are by design. Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months. Fried Chicken Night!!! Finally watched this movie. Great story of Jordanian immigrant giving back to his fellow Americans. Trump hasn't had a quarter with a GDP growth rate above 4%. CLOSED****Bakers Dozen***** Hanging out. Stymie was a much better character than Buckwheat. Bloomberg/Klobuchar 2020