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First... it reminded you of the 80s not just because it was your favorite decade, but because it WAS the greatest decade! Then... You are right. Arthur was woefully inept as a prospect in stand-up comedy. But, that's not how he saw himself. You have to remember, he was insane. The rare time that he laughed (intentionally), it was usually about something the rest of us would find terrible. He laughed and danced while the policemen were being beaten... He joked with his former associate (the little guy), after he had just brutally murdered the other associate. After he murdered DeNiro, he did a little dance for the camera... The nurse he killed and walked her bloody footprints down the hall at the end (ending in another little dance)? The idea of killing, or just scaring, was funny to him. And it became annoying to him that others didn't share his humor. Youd like that wouldn't you? Well, I wont do it!!! Ok, here I go... Everything is getting feminized lately. Even girl stuff (Charlies Angels remake) is getting it! Get that? They feminized what was already a full female lead!!! Its all horrible and needless. Noone fooled you. And 'twice'? It was episode 8!!! Improper comparison... Flecks Joker wasn't evil. He was insane. Later (or earlier) Hamil's Joker was evil and insane, maybe. I think they blend perfectly. Youre trying to put a sane rationale on an insane person's mind. I propose L, G, B, T, Joker, X, Y Z.... and straight. Why do perceived sexualities, or personalities need to be pigeon-holed? You have to understand Arthur's frame of mind from beginning to end. By the end, he was fully 'the Joker'... Killing (or whatever awful thing) because it was funny to him. Remember the little jig he did after he killed DeNiro? He was like embracing total chaos theory... nothing mattered, and the fact that other (normal) people saw it as awful was hilarious to him. Like he said to the final nurse (before he presumably killed her), "You wouldn't get it." See? Vader had 20 years of training and another 20 of post-training experience, yet Luke beat him with a few weeks training and 2-3 years of experience. "Im prepared to scour the earth for that mother***er! If Butch goes to Indo-China, I want a ni**a hiding in a bowl of rice waiting to pop a cap in his ass!" For fun... Scots and Irish (and English) have mixed a lot over the last 1000 years. If you go back 2000 years, odds are we are all related... since we all have more grandparents at that age then existed at the time, there has to be massive crossover. View all replies >