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She deleted the internet The next Niki Lauda How woke is this? Needs money That's a really dark movie poster Looks quite woke Eco protester gets the George Floyd treatment in France Why did the jews bring the bomb to the world? Hitler's in the charts again Mickey Rourke thinks "Al Pacino is washed up actor who hasn't made a great movie for decades" View all posts >


Lordy Lord.. 🤩😷🙉👨‍❤️‍👨 Lol at those loudmouth trollbots getting all emotional 😜😍💕💞💓 You beat me on that one. He's alive! Technically the title "Most out of control female celebrity" goes to Anne Heche Well said. oh no Had a lot of booze and pills. Never crashed anything. That's how Pros do it. I never found his Trump impersonation funny. Then he shot a woman in the face and blamed the gun. This guy is the epitome of a self-absorbed, deranged celebrity prick. What an idiot. Lol that's as fake as it can get. The picture I provided was taken two weeks before her death. [edit]: this is the original version of your boob pic btw... View all replies >