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Boobs Hot Getting cancelled I'd hope Charlotte Had hot chicks as bodyguards Will he return? Will she do porn in the future? Why does he look like a raccoon? Why doesn't Iger just fire her? I wonder View all posts >


Nope. Rise of Shitwalker is worst. Fact. Who is r2d2 anyway? I loved the funny BB8 droid from the star wars trilogy. This r2 was rather lame and served no special purpose. Agreed. It was pretentious crap, like all Nolan movies. Except Insomnia, but that wasn't written by him and his talentless brother so go figure where the problem lies with this wannabe "auteur" His visuals are great btw. He should stick to commercials and trailers. Boring game. 90% updates are "top 3 roles" Guess what? He'll be back! She should rather get herself stoned Sharia style Agreed. But so could have been Gone with the wind and the lord of the rings trilogy. Spoiled chick has some hullabaloo with two guys and there's the war going on, bang. Fantasy guy gets a ring and destroys it. End of story. With that franchise even Tommy Wiseau would make billions Have you ever seen her boobs?! Omg.... 🙄💦💦💦💦 It was disgusting. It's about time they make Aykroyd pay for this act of textbook racism. Hope they cancel the sh#t out of him. View all replies >