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Was George Lucas involved in the final cut? No diversity Porn It's time for a mentally challenged James Bond Equally as good as "Anaconda" They fly now Better than the sequels Looks like a cheesefest New ending [spoilers] Nice jugs View all posts >


It’s true. The leaks, the rumors — all of it. It’s all true. Are you the same furiousstyle77 from the old imdb board who dissed the sequels 24/7? Trolling detected and confirmed. Don't know. Just wanted to point that out. Never onscreen. He was a Mary Sue! What are John Wayne's weaknesses? No boobs She may indeed face her personal Omaha beach. If in movie she would look like she does on this picture here, I'd be cool with her. I heard Patrick Stewart LOVED the Emoji Movie Bond is a youtuber and his channel is under investigation? Sounds cool. View all replies >