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Worst savior ever Top 3 Invasions? Just saw her nude stuff [Breaking] She wants to sue Corona Is he handcuffed Anyone remember the 2009 flu pandemic? Why did he bring Corona to the people? Why does he look so sad? This show is aging badly View all posts >


Jesus, she was 95 or something. Lived a happily life after those horrible hours in the ice cold north Atlantic. Give her a break. Amen to that. Especially when children are around. "Look, there's David with his boyfriend Allesandro. You know what he did with his weenie?" Disgusting. Ham, McRib and King Beer yay as yay can be Cheeseburger Reeses peanut butter cups SCARJO I thought God and Jesus were the same person? So confusing. Thanks, Nostradamus. Exactly. It's all psychological/hysteria/panic. He also slept with Walter Cronkite. Fact. this is what happens when you copy paste a text someone else wrote and screw up the formatting View all replies >