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New hot pics Amazon's new diversity and inclusion policy What happened to this guy? Hot hot or not? Who changed her photo? I once dated a girl like her Why rainbow colors in the poster? Gay You can say what you want about deaf people … View all posts >


Mesut Ozil not to forget islamo- and homophobic what kind of girls do you prefer? What? A terrible film? I've already made a thread about it here. It could possibly be a blatant lie to give them a false sense of security? But then why isn't Upham on the cover instead of Sizemore? You gay? Agreed. What a dork. It's "Pat"! Haven't seen LH for a while. I remember it being more ambiguous than MD. Not sure about the whole "villain" thing. Basically it's a story about refuted love resulting in a passion crime. Don't know if that necessarily makes her a "villain". View all replies >