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Is that a secret hand gesture She must be furious Looks like Michael Bay Looks like Michael Bolton Why would you choose to be a white male nowadays? Will this be dark? No reaction from Disney Wife was black Overrated Send this woman my way View all posts >


fair enough;center,top Of course he's innocent. But tell that to the antisemites...oops I mean Woody 'critics'. Your reenactment lacks a condom Well as others already pointed out, this guy actually knows what he is talking about, is highly educated, intelligent, well spoken, humble and eager to present scientific based facts. So basically the exact opposite to our little potato girl from Sweden. Ah thanks. Although I was hoping she would be bashing that untalented, incompetent cunt Kathleen Kennedy for ruining Star Wars. Why? Tell that the guys over at the Wanda Vision board. But who does? Blue men? Will she be completely invisible throughout the movie? View all replies >