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What will he be remembered for most? self indulgent crap Cleopatra will be in this Hope Tatooine is in this It's like trolling at this point Who's in charge of hell if the devil himself hangs out on earth? No strong female characters Is she related to Dakota Johnson Looks like Hot or not? View all posts >


The Hertz commercials? I doubt that. Nothing OJ: Jonathan Majors Nicole Brown: Rebel Wilson Ron Goldman: Logan Paul Johnny Cochrane : Will Smith Marcia Clark: Kritin Stewart Judge Ito: Bobby Lee Mark Fulham: Mark Wahlberg Bob Shaprio: Ricard Gere Alan Dershowitz: Woody Allen Kris Jenner: Bruce Jenner It's a cover up. Deliberately wrongly issued death certificates. Every single one of them. Sidney Sweeney and Jenna Ortega. After the dinner I'd invite the to my flat. Or a series about a sadistic doctor? Yeah. I think I'll pass. But I'm sure the race-baiting producers will appreciate your attendance. Why should I. You tried to be clever by reframing my initial remark. She doesn't look the part refers to her physical appearance or her lack thereof. I'd be perfectly fine with a good looking actress of color. Let's say Lupita Nyong'o or Nathalie Emmanuel. As much as I'd hate to see Maisie Williams in that part. But the producers know how to stir things up by deliberately choosing a butterface of color. Francesca surely appreciates your white knighting. But it's a PR stunt nonetheless. And it's already working. She doesn't look the part. Julia is considered one of the most beautiful girls in town. It's like casting the girl from "Hereditary" with the part. View all replies >