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All of these truths can exist simultaneously. She'll be staying back in L.A. but participate via live feed. She will also read an anti racism statement dealing with Philip's numerous offensive remarks throughout the years. Maybe an unknown third party involved. Um, how about reputation? Hey your seventie year old daddy had an extramarital affair with a thirty year younger married woman and impregnated her. Classy. And more importantly: you think Nancy wants to share the nice heritage with her new little brother... 😘 Of course this is pure speculation on my side but I think Woody shares the same fate as George Lucas. Even if a child resembles one parent far more than the other, there's always a little hint, a small trace from the second parent. Looking a numerous photos of Woody, especially as young man without glases, there is absolutly nothing, not one bit of Ronan to be found. It's also very telling that he doesn't have biological children with Soon Yi. But who knows. Broke Black sheep? That's quite racist my friend. 'I usually fart in triplets' Definitely. I have an asshole candle. Anyone interested? Hitler after committing suicide My bad. Typo. I meant sucre of course. They sucre. cos they suc Agreed That's the whole point of this website, jackass But why did god create men and women with sins in the first place? Why didn't he make everything just perfect? I don't get it. False. He thinks it's a regressive ideology. nah, bullshit she took some cool selfies in her bathroom