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"gender equality" is a meaningless phrase, it's a fake problem that nobody could ever calculate, and therefore even if it did exist, which it doesn't how could you fix it? cultural marxism is about creating enough anger and poverty so people revolt and theres a revolution, it's about changing the power structure of our society, giving power to dictators, rather than giving rights to women, gays, trans..... it's the biggest scam since socialism "an incel whos a conspiracist" re-read that sentence a few times, lets see if it sinks in these are muslim countries, muslims will never want something like that. they are backward people, but the libs try to convince us that islam is tolerant. do you like men? no, but i could show you which part of the body her big 8 inch cock is on. i hear airfare to caracas is cheap. need help packing? big mike no, thank you! although you posted something without mentioning your president, i'm disappointed conservatives don't see skin color, just the ability to do the job, it's very telling, i think you're some old white liberal, obssesed with race, but at the same time crosses the round when you see a black man. i bet you live in vermont. where it's real easy to talk like you do, "but none of these coloured folk near me please" am i right!? AOC isn't strong, she's a weak little girl, out of her depth that plays identity politics because she knows she lacks real ideas. just like you. i don't need to, reread what you've wrote, it's all there, one big cliche "trump orange trump trump orange trump!" View all replies >