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Don't Look Up Discussion? How Many Movies do you have? On the Ocean? Absolutely Marvelous Insane Asylum So blue? shes not dead I can see it now - Wick 7 Toned down? Is there anyone out there? View all posts >


Jeez, everyone here was? a criminal. I'm wasn't trying to be mean or anything. Hah-hah, you're right. Is this really important? WTF I think I'm going to have a Gene Hackman movie night soon. INPO - Narrow Margin (1990) Unforgiven (1992) Absolute Power (1997) Extreme Measures (1996) The Conversation (1974) is my closing movie of the Hackman marathon. Kurk Douglas - Doc Holiday, Vincent Van Gogh Leonardo DeCaprio - Howard Hughes, Frank Abagnale Jr Gene Hackman - Jimmy Doyle, Nicholas Earp I've been thinking about getting one but they're a little expensive. Maybe if I wait a year the price might come down. I don't know you but good luck with whatever endeavors you seek. I didn't know about Malfoy's friend. Makes sense. View all replies >