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How much time do you spend... This might be interesting... The International (2009) Tom Sizemore Is there anything for us after death? Losing a loved one and how it is... Good show A few I haven't seen 20 min and out View all posts >


I have to go with teen pregnancy. Just because Identity thief is hard to fix and it will save me from going to prison (because will kill the person who stole it) Hah-hah. I have to pick Phone Booth. Just because of Colin Farrell. He was great. All women? shit, I'm going. La Strada (1954) is my favorite. That's too bad to hear. He comes off like a very nice guy. If that's true it's really ridiculous. Which one? Or That's scary. I wouldn't go down there if you paid me. Just a rant - What made us? We didn't make ourselves. "psychedelic drugs" LSD-25 (i took all kinds of acid) is something I dabbled in back in the '70s and '80s. And I agree that death is frighting. I should have asked a group of 10-year-olds? Yeah, I know it's a joke. View all replies >