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Oh god this movie is bad Vegas Knights Fire Coach? Sorry brother No people of color NOT nominated for an Oscar 4k cables? Houston ran into a buzzsaw The name is the worst ever - Don's Plum if I ever see this mother f Any news about the movie? View all posts >


The first movie was with my dad at a downtown Las Vegas theater. I think it was "The dirty dozen" And I think I was seven years old. Is that the movie where they sang "the night they invented champagne?" I think it did? Right, the same old rehash of a rehash. I wish I could write like you mother fukers. He likes playing with himself, I mean he likes playing himself. He's not a bad actor. Sharon Stone for sure. She'd look good dead in a coffin. Joking. That's a good one; I was never attracted to her until she got older. I'd look good too if I had his money. View all replies >