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It falls apart because the rules change, candyman just starts showing up, somehow he’s taking care of the baby and keeping it alive for weeks?!? And then it goes from I’m terrorizing you because you doubted me, to Helen is the reincarnation of his lost love?!? I do like the film but there are a lot of holes In the City, Rise and Fall, Our House They’re all better than what was in this film. I mean I understand that not everything translates well into film, but They could’ve done so much better. Volume 1 is excellent. what stories did you read? They have 3 volumes of Clive Barker’s books of blood and all they use (loosely) the wrap around story? And they put it in the middle? Pretty disappointing. Eh probably just to keep it moving in a dramatic way. I really enjoyed the series The ending says it all. And this works for both versions or the film. Toto, wether confused by Alfredo not wanting him to come back, or hating him for breaking up him and Elena , realizes when he watches the reel Alfredo left him that Alfredo was absolutely right. Tito’s first and only true love was the cinema , he would’ve never been happy doing anything else. That’s why Alfredo left the reel for him, he knew Toto would come to bury him. he knew he’d be confused, nostalgic, guilty. So he left the reel for him. Ehh it’s all over the place. Nothing new , quantity over quality. Some great comments from legends but mostly cringe inducing sound bites from bloggers. Uhh?? yeah sure! Why not lol. I really don’t think they had Palpatine in mind at all when they made this movie. With the microscope people use today, absolutely EVERY film and tv show can be cancelled. View all replies >