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They should’ve worked in Michelle somehow Growing pessimistic over the chances of a Season 2. Yennefer is a horny toad (spoilers) “You are to be inspected at the ceremony; if you are found to be worthless..” Disney princess sequels: the next frontier So it’s getting a live action remake? So now that there are two Lion King films... About the sex scene in the film Not really a Jump scare film Is this movie a cult classic? View all posts >


I have to agree. Could’ve just called it The Frog Prince. Would’ve avoided the whole “girl movie” stereotype that this movie is accused of. I wish it didn’t come to that but it does. I don’t think his intention was for him to have Bastian take the book. In fact, he was trying to discourage Bastian from the book when he asked about it. When he smiled, I think he had taken a bit of a liking to Bastian after their brief conversation and then seeing him run off. Or, at least, that’s my understanding of the scene when you see the book store owner’s sudden look of surprise when he notices the book missing. So did this fall off the face of the earth again? What a bummer! I think we are still years away from that. But did you guys see an Aladdin sequel in the works? But a live action, so I guess it’s not quite the same thing. We are looking at animated here. Well it’s nice that they came out with a fat princess. Not sure we will get another princess film for a while. I mean, a new princess film. Not a sequel. This may be the saddest movie I’ve ever seen. It hit me worse than movies like Titanic. And I read the book; I had a good idea of what I was getting into. But when I saw the first rope scene and saw how well it was set up dramatically, I got a knot in my throat. I knew what was coming. They do have other classes, but they aren’t relevant in advancing the plot of the story. You know, kind of like why they won’t show Leslie actually peeing in the restroom because who really cares? Well, maybe a few sickos might care but the point is that if we showed everything then the film would be hours and hours long. I was only bored during the Skeksis storylines. I quite enjoyed seeing the storylines involving the Gelflings. It’s a great series. Omg yes totally confused me too. It’s a good series but they did an awful job of making you aware of the jumping timelines. I didn’t realize this was going on until a scene played out almost exactly from the beginning of the series (with a few variations). Not really but I’m assuming now that you can tell when it’s in there. View all replies >