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Nothing wrong with my definition. You’re misunderstanding the interpretation of it. Yes, we are looking at foreign films but let’s remember that these films are playing for a US audience. So despite the films lacking diversity from the country of origin, it still meets the diversity criteria from an American audience perspective. Your argument would make more sense for awards shows in those countries. Lack of diversity means a movie that does not have actors of an ethnicity that is underrepresented in media. Asians are underrepresented, so in that respect, it’s not a lack of diversity. But i understand what you are saying. But we are coming from the appropriate context of what “lack of diversity” means. Ha! I just got that reference LOL Thanks for showing your true racist colors. I hope all the elves are Asian just to rile you up. After all, if any ethnicity is perceived as intelligent and elegant, it’s them. Totally agree. GOT and LOTR are completely different, although I don’t doubt there are some dudes out there that probably want to see Galadriel’s pussy. Either way I hope this is just some terrible rumor. It just would totally miss the mark. It far exceeds the quality of the original film. So much so, that it’s better to spoil yourself the conclusion of the story arc by watching it first and then the prequel, otherwise you will be underwhelmed by the “finale” of this film. I had to look him up because I didn’t know who he was. I feel he looks like Luke. Towards the later years, she was doing full interviews in Spanish with the Spanish media and even acted in a telenovela. There are various interviews on YouTube. Selena learned Spanish, which will probably be reflected in season 2. That’s the beauty of it; in an age where many younger Hispanics are ashamed of their background, Selena embraced it. Yea Abraham has a reputation of going overboard with his kids. This series made me dislike him more. View all replies >