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“You are to be inspected at the ceremony; if you are found to be worthless..” Disney princess sequels: the next frontier So it’s getting a live action remake? So now that there are two Lion King films... About the sex scene in the film Not really a Jump scare film Is this movie a cult classic? How do you integrate Deadpool into MCU? What’s the budget on this thing? Good movie! Terrible trailer! View all posts >


Not really but I’m assuming now that you can tell when it’s in there. Either or. The advantage to watching the original film first is that it’s the older film, so it won’t be outshone by the prequel if you watch it first. But you also spoil yourself the conclusion of the story arc. The advantage to watching the prequel first is that you are watching the story arc in chronological order and won’t know the conclusion of the original film. But the prequel’s quality far surpasses that of the original film, so watching it after the prequel may feel a bit anti climatic. It’s your choice. BTW I watch the original film for the first time a few months so, so I feel I am not clouded with nostalgia for it. Probably due to the lukewarm reception of other live action remakes like Dumbo or Mary Poppins. They probably smelled a box office dud and instead decided to use it as an incentive movie to sign up for Disney + Ariel might still have red hair. So I think we are worrying too soon. It’s entirely possible we may see a red headed mermaid with tanned skin. No big deal. I’m on board with the actress being an excellent singer, especially after the travesty that was Hermoine in Beauty and the Beast. What disastrous singing there. I find the storytelling and writing argument on shaky ground since it’s basically the same story, almost word per word at parts. Hopefully we will eventually have people who’ve never seen either film that can give us their insight. Wouldn’t it be good for us to get a perspective from someone who is not nostalgic on the 1994 film? I’ll buck the trend here. Watch the 2019 film. Then watch the 1994 film. Then come back and tell us which one you liked more. If I recall correctly, it may have had to do with Shang Yu and the Mongols negative portrayal in the animated films. China’s government censors many things, including films. And a film’s negative portrayal of portions of Chinese culture (including Mongols) probably wouldn’t sit well with the Chinese government. The last thing Disney wants is to spend $300 million on a film that targets China, only for it to be denied a release in China by their government. China is by far the largest foreign box office market in the world and the only one that comes close to the size of the North American box office. You are literally leaving up to a potential $600-700 million on the table if you don’t get a movie release in China. I believe the new antagonist will be a witch. No dust in this one. What a drag lol There was a slight alluding to the strength of the kingdom of Zaragoza. When Chelina met Kit, Chelina said that she found Kit’s “small kingdom enchanting”, which was an indirect nod to Zaragoza being a larger, more powerful kingdom. It would definitely help to have an alliance with a stronger land. Yes vultures daughter was drop dead gorgeous, but Zendaya is very pretty as well. There is a real chemistry between the two and it really works well. We’ve already had two takes on Spider-Man’s girl in the previous versions of Spider-Man. So this franchise needed to set itself apart. It’s a very welcome change for me. View all replies >