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The OP is obviously asking for help for his homework :-| Nobody would ask that question and ask for examples as well unless his professor told him to find at least 3 examples lol. Saying "derp derp only a loser would blah blah blah" doesn't actually answer his question. It achieves absolutely nothing. If you have nothing to add, just move along. Keep it moving :) "And trust me we've had plenty of those on here as well" omggg, honest? Wow, you're so cool. You've had such a rich history on these here boards. Thank you for guarding the boards for us, for we the people. Hello knish, I tried to use Google to find the answer but it's hard for me to understand exactly what you need. Because I think the term "conceptual point of view" is a bit vague. If this is for homework, then most likely the exact definition of conceptual point of view would have been discussed in class, along with examples as well. Do you have tutoring in your school for the subject you're writing for? You might want to ask somebody. If you want to write your professor a polite email you could ask like this: "Hello Professor. I'm in your (insert name of class here) at (insert time of class). I'm having trouble understanding the exact definition of "conceptual point of view." Could you help me understand the explantation? I know we went over it in class but it seems a bit vague to me. Thank you! I'm sorry for the inconvenience." ^ Your response isn't helpful. The poster is probably asking for help with homework or an essay. I would say you might want to Google the phrase "conceptual point of view in filmmaking" or look at your textbook for class, or possibly ask your professor for clarification on what the definition is. Good luck! I might use Google too later to see if I can find the answer to your question but you should not delay writing or looking yourself as well. Before the boards closed down, an insider posted on imdb and said the troll thing was a lie. Imdb only said it was because of trolls. They made that their official PR release. But it was really because they were being cheap. It was something money related, that had nothing to do with trolling or rude posts or even the ability to afford moderators. I forgot the specifics. I think it cost them money just to keep the boards open, period. Something like that. That was a good review, thank you! Dany is Daenerys. People don't like spelling out her name. I have trouble spelling her full name because of how often online reviews just call her Dany lol. Thanks for answering. I always wanted to understand it from the point of view of someone that loves the show. For me, I felt the opposite. When I was watching it, I didn't feel like the amount of messed up things that happened in the show were all that realistic. Its like, *everyone* was super mentally ill and always acted super mentally ill. I can understand the Targs because of 300 years of inbreeding. But even a lot of the side characters just acted so crazy all of the time. Everyone had a torture fetish, nobody could just kill someone with a sword. But honestly, wasn't this show always hopeless and sad from the beginning? I always thought that about this show. I couldn't understand why the fans liked it so much. I genuinely want to know the fans' opinions on this on this thread. Serious question, what do you guys think? Was it always hopeless from the beginning, or in your opinion was the show cool/exciting from the beginning and was only hopeless at the end? Genuinely curious, I'm not being snarky. I honestly didn't know that about this movie until I logged in and read your comment. I wasn't following the specific details of this movie. View all replies >