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Why am I wading through a bunch of political posts on a movie forum? Why not publish the brief? Groundhog Day actor "Gaslighting is a misnomer! Signs (Mel Gibson) Ransom (1996) Old IMDB posts imported? View all posts >


Some of them I quite liked, but after a point they began to pall. Somewhat like James Patterson, whom I first read before the movies started, and whose style I quite liked. Tho' I liked Along Came a Spider in both forms, after fame, his writing seemed to devolve, with a liberal sprinkling of exclamations points and every page. So I stopped reading him. Ahhhhh. Thanks to you and Wiki for the clarity. Yet she and he both had some credibility; enough to entice some large paper to shelter/aid them. As I said, the very string of killings, bombings, etc.and attempts on their lives lent credence to their assertions and would be a huge story. After all, they were on their own and pretty desperate. At least the should have had the papers turn them down to close off this point and make the film more credible. BTW, remember Cary Grant's line in I Married a War Bride? He's purportedly a French officer marrying an American officer, but can't find a bed in the war bride dorm. The soldier/guard tells him he's from Yonkers, and Cary replies: "Yonkers? What are those?" A good friend of mine out here in California is currently visiting Yonkers. Mike Gallo. If you see him, say hello! Thanks for the welcome, tho' I've been here a few months. Hadn't run across this problem before. Just looking for a little shelter from the storm that is the US nowadays. Well pvt. I think the word is "sympathetic", in the sense you share their feelings. You share . . . you care. So many of modern characters would be the ones you would maneuver away from at a party for fear of having to listen to them all night. Why spend good money to hang with a bunch of them for two hours? I think such movies entice us to loathe a character so we can rejoice in his (usually) death. I've often thought: "Oh, will somebody shoot this A-hole!!??". They're often not a real bad-guy, just stupid or annoying; so it's like rooting for the death of regular person. Kind of insidious and mean-spirited, but it gets a cheer or a laugh. Maybe it's the pointy nose she and Swank have; some find that off-putting. It's an uncompromising adherence to form and fairness, tempered with compassion; an honorable approach to life which is almost unrecognizable in this world. Perhaps that's why I find this show so wonderful. Every character HAD character. Generally agree, and find Foyle and company to be the top of the crop. Perfectly cast, and I want to marry Honeysuckle Weeks. What a sweetheart. Hate to "trump" the other replies, but: Woodstock (the first one). Estimates: 500,000 people, 29 port-a-potties, zero assholes. View all replies >