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An actress who has gotten better looking as she ages. Yes, Jaime Pressly is quite talented. And just a bit hotter than Anna. Absolutely. This might be one of the best movie quotes ever. I don't think Sun Tzu could have stated it better. And talented. That's disappointing. Did Ms.Chenowith at least show some of her fantastic cleavage? Or at least sing? Mine too. But she is spoonable. I don't think so. Unlike Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Bond was not trying to portray a Japanese man, just trying to be in disguise. Bond is not Japanese. But it was a pretty bad disguise, lol. Yes, everyone was on video from remote locations. A classic. Overdone score (is it a score?), almost laughable effects by todays standards, and I still like it. View all replies >